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Egyptian masks

Instead of me (Mrs Sale) posting this blog I am going to ask some children in Year 3 to explain what we have been doing today (they can explain a lot better than me)…

Emily & Ciera –
We have been drawing some masks. Egyptians made masks as they believed by making a mask their spirit would be able to find their body again.

Take a look at some of our Egyptian masks.


Conflict emotions


Today Phil (from Peacemakers) and the Bluebirds were discussing conflict, the children were surprised at how much we witness conflict, even if its just a disagreement on a game during playtime! We also watched some very funny clips.

Although funny, they showed different emotions when in an argument and what different emotions can result in and how conflicts can make us feel.

Communicating skills


Phil, from Peacemakers visited Year 3 this week to teach us about an important skill – communicating. Over the next eight weeks Phil will be coming in to teach us many more important skills. During this weeks circle time we had to use our new communication skills to pass the plant plot around the circle. This was VERY tricky!!

Bluebirds were very well behaved and we definitely understand the importance of communicating now.