Monthly Archives: October 2015

Black History Month: Nelson Mandela

For Black History Month the Bluebirds were looking at the life of Nelson Mandela. We looked at how society treated people differently in South Africa and segregated people because of the colour of their skin.

To give the children an idea of how this may have made people feel we separated them into two groups depending on the colour of their hair, and gave one group of children more rights than the other. How did this make the children feel?


Egyptian death masks


Last week we were drawing our Egyptian death masks in our art books. This week we brought our creative ideas to life, using clay and tools the Bluebirds made some fantastic death masks. Take a look!

Check out next weeks blogs when hopefully our masks will have set and we can paint them.

Conflict strategies


This week we were lucky to meet Anna, another person from the Peacemakers team. This week we looked at conflict again but looked at different strategies, one being the blame card which the bluebirds have already found very useful and our conflicts are dealt with much quicker!!