Monthly Archives: November 2015

Poor Ollyanda


This weeks Circle Time was very different, the children were given the opportunity to be mean to a character called Ollyanda. Being a kind class, we struggled with this.

Shayla – It was horrible, it wasn’t nice saying bad things to the picture.
Jake – It was funny but if it was a real person I would feel bad.

We then had to say something kind and the target for this week is to say something nice to someone. So Listen out for kind comments everyone from someone in the Bluebirds class.



This week we have been talking about different emotions. We usually only use the words ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ to express how we feel. So we have been looking at six main feelings.


Can you guess what emotions each group were trying to portray?



This week in Science, we have been looking at friction created on different surfaces. To do this, we investigated the distance a car would travel on four different surfaces.

We found out that the bubble wrap created the most friction and cardboard crated the least friction.

Well done Year 3, you’re fabulous investigators!

Cyber bullying

Bluebirds watching a video about cyber bullying
Bluebirds watching a video about cyber bullying

Today, we were discussing cyber bullying. The children had stories to share and what they like to do whilst online – luckily all the children are safe online and know what to do if they do not feel safe.

We watched a video on cyber bullying and read a short story about someone who shared their password and username.

Again, the Bluebirds are so sensible and know never to share usernames and passwords to ANYONE.

Music fun!


Our second music lesson was so much fun!!

First we had a ‘warm up’ for our voices – this involves pulling some very silly faces!

We then used our amazing listening skills to try and find out what instruments were being used in popular songs.

The children were very good at this!

Vocal warm ups

This term we will be having music lessons. We will be having vocal warm ups as well as listening to music and trying to find out what instruments are being played. We will be looking at a range of songs including Christmas songs!

Hopefully we will be posting videos of the Bluebirds showing off their musical talent!