Monthly Archives: April 2016

Discussing guilt


Today in PSHE we were discussing times when we felt guilty and how we express our feelings of guilt.

Bluebirds expressed their feelings of guilt and we realised we can sometimes feel guilty for something we have done wrong and also things that we are not responsible for, and how we can also feel other emotions like sadness and anger. We also looked at pictures and discussed what the scenario may be –


We discussed that sometimes this is not always the case and how some people can be wrongly accused, some children in Year 3 can recall being blamed for something that they had not done.


This person should feel guilty! Bluebirds agree that stealing is wrong no matter what the circumstances are.

Number Clubs


A huge well done to the following children for moving up in their number clubs:

Naheedul – Moving up to the ’20 club’
Tiffanie – Moving up to the ’27 club’

And well done to Will, Cara and Sophie for passing their number clubs test.

Potato contour lines



Today we looked at contour lines to show heights of mountains. Contour lines are drawn on maps that join places of the same height. If contour lines are close together the slope is steep, if they are far apart the slope is gentle.

We used potatoes to represent a mountain and cut the potato up into 1cm lines to show the height of the potato. Take a look!

Have you seen my friend?



Today in PSHE we played a game called ‘Have you seen my friend?’

A child would start to describe a person in their class, other children would then guess who they are trying to describe. How did the children get on?


We then had a circle time and put two children on the magic carpet – Osama and Kaicie. Whoever sits on the magic carpet gets to hear what the rest of the class think of them, take a look at some of the lovely comments!