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Equivalent fractions


The Bluebirds have been working incredibly hard on their fractions. We have been adding fractions, finding equivalent fractions and finally ordering fractions. Even when some lessons have been really tricky Bluebirds persevered and produced some excellent work.

A reminder, Year 3 children are eligible for free access to Mathletics – a poupular website to help with fractions and other range of topics. If your child needs a reminder of their login, please ask Miss Procter, Mrs Sale or Mr Baddhan.

Mathletics can be accessed by clicking on this link –

Understanding conscience

Today in PSHE we were looking at what ‘conscience’ means. After discussing what having a conscience means we decided it was like.

A conscience is the voice in your head, and the feeling in your heart, that tells you if something is right or wrong.

A conscience is invisible. You can’t see it or touch it, but you can feel it in your mind and in your body. Your conscience knows all the rules you’ve learned about right and wrong. It knows what you’ve been taught about core values, like honesty, responsibility, and respect.

We also discussed times when we may have done something wrong then later our conscience makes us feel guilty inside.

A great lesson Bluebirds.

Elijah the Prophet

Today in RE we were looking at the story of Elijah.

What parts do the Bluebirds remember?
Keaon – That King Ahab was not respecting God.
Sophie – Elijah said to King Ahab ‘you will have no water for 3 years’.
Kaicie – King Ahab did many things that God did not want him to do.
Tiffanie – King Ahab challenged Elijah to see who’s God was the most powerful.

After watching the video, the Bluebirds agreed that it is important to be patient and appreciate things such as thoughtfulness and stillness.

The class produced a timeline of key events from the story. Take a look at Katie’s below.


‘The Tin Forest’


We have had a very creative English lesson this week!

We have been reading the book – ‘The Tin Forest’

What is the book about?
Millie – ‘The Tin Forest’ is about an old man who lives in the centre of a forgotten scrap yard, full of rubbish that nobody wants. He dreams of living in the middle of a jungle filled with animals and flowers. The old man decides to create a jungle of his own using the scrap material.


So today, we looked at the ‘Tin Forest’ We cut the picture up and each had a piece of that picture. The bluebirds then had to re create the piece they were given by using materials such as foil and silver paints. We hope to put all the pieces together and have our very own tin forest!