Monthly Archives: June 2016

Claude Monet

Today we were looking at the work of a French artist – Claude Monet


We were looking at a painting by Monet of the River Thames and Westminster palace, we wanted to mix paints to match the same colours that are in the painting. We mixed red, blue, yellow, brown and white to create similar colours to Monet’s.


The whole class done a fantastic job, take a look at Sophie’s!


Thoughtful letters

This week the Bluebirds were writing a letter back to James, the education manager at the Botanical Gardens.

We were so grateful to receive a letter about our wonderful behaviour at our recent trip there, we felt it was only right to send one back. We have produced lots of very kind and thoughtful messages. Take a look at Millie’s letter!


Being hopeful and visionary

Today in RE we were talking about our future.

First we discussed moving up to Year 4 and what visions we have:
Callum – For my behavior to improve
Tia – To be good at maths
Ronnie – I want to try even harder

Then we discussed what visions we have for our country:
Tiffanie – I would like to know more about the government
Nila – I would like the country to support homeless people
Daisy – I would like to see more police to keep us protected

Finally, we moved on to discussing what we think our world would look like in the future:
Shayla – I hope poverty around the world stops
Ronnie – Animals stop being killed
Sophie – For everyone to have rights, and for all religions to get on
Riley – No wars

A great discussion Bluebirds!

Botanical Gardens trip


Bluebirds have had a fabulous day at the Botanical Gardens.

When we arrived we were greeted by staff who had a range of activities for year 3 to complete. First we were looking at parts of the plant, where year 3 were amazing and were able to name some parts of a plant. Then we were looking at the pollination process where some children dressed up as plants and bees!

We then had some free time to look around the beautiful gardens and explore.

What did the Bluebirds enjoy most?
• Daisy – The lesson, I did not know flowers have male and female parts.
• Naheedul – I liked the butterfly house
• Sophie – The peacock making a funny sound
• Ronnie – I enjoyed dressing up as a bee
• Will – I enjoyed walking through the bamboo maze
• Cara – We completed a quiz in the glasshouse – it is called a sub tropical house
• Riley – I loved the butterfly house – lots of butterflies were landing on my head!

All children were so well behaved and the rain did not spoil the wonderful day we had.



In English we have been looking at how to write a recount.

What is a recount?
Riley – A recount is a piece of writing about something that has already happened
Daisy – You must write in the past tense
Naheedul – You use words like ‘I’ and ‘my’ this is called first person

Year 3 planned a recount all about the Botanical garden trip. Look at our HUGE class recount about our day at the Botanical gardens! Year 3 will be writing their own individual recounts this week

Recreating Rivers


This half term we will be learning about rivers.

So far the Bluebirds know that a river starts from a source and will travel to sea. We wanted to recreate this so year 3 went outside with watering cans and found a slope. We then started to pour the water and watch it trickle down the slope.