Monthly Archives: July 2016

Smoothie fun!


Bluebirds thought why not enjoy the beautiful weather with some tasty juice and smoothies. We bought a variety of juices and milkshakes and tasted them to decide what flavours work best with each other.

We then chopped up fruit mixed with either water or milk and ice to create our delicious smoothies. We also designed labels and logos for our marvellous creations!

Number Clubs


A fantastic year Bluebirds with your number clubs. This week Tiffanie and Ronnie have moved to new clubs. Another well done to the following children for passing their tests and soon to be moving to a new club –

• Cara
• Lexie
• Jamie
• Tia
• Emily
• Will
• Nila

Life cycle of a plant


This week in Science we have continued to look at the life cycle of a plant. We focused this week on seed dispersal. This is when seeds from other plants move around and travel in order for new plants to grow. The Bluebirds were looking at different ways seeds spread such as:

  • Water flow
  • Dropping from trees
  • Wind
  • We were put into groups and had to act out different types of seed dispersal, take a look!

    Positive changes

    Today in PSHE we were talking about changes. We discussed that some changes can be positive.

    We were looking at different changes and we were deciding whether these changes left a positive or negative impact . We also discussed what life would be like today if these changes didn’t happen or hadn’t happened:


    We then played ‘The Belonging Game’ each child was given a card with a number on it, their task was to walk around looking for people with the same number. They were not allowed to talk, but to show the number to each other. Their body language had to be either really pleased to see a friend with the same or number or a negative body language if their numbers did not match.

    What did the Bluebirds think of this game?
    – How it felt to be left out – Kayleigh – even though I knew it was just a game it made me feel really sad
    – How it felt to be rejected (and rejecting) – Lexie – Giving nasty looks made me feel like a nasty person, it did not feel nice
    – How it felt to be accepted (and accepting) – Osama – I liked the person more when they smiled at me, I want to be their friend now

    We also looked at life changes we may have gone through ourselves already, and ordered them from most important to least important to us.