Monthly Archives: October 2016

Black History Month – Nelson Mandela


To celebrate Black History Month in Year 3, we have looked at Nelson Mandela. We began the session by discussing what we thought were our rights in school and how everyone should be treated equally and have the same rights. To understand more about how people could have been treated differently and have different rights, Miss Procter asked the children with blue eyes to sit right in front of her, all the children who didn’t have blue eyes had to sit at the back. We talked about how this made us feel and why it is unfair.

We learnt about South Africa during the 1900’s and how people who lived in the country at the time did not have equal rights. We learnt about what Nelson Mandela tried to do about this and why he is considered to be an important person in history.


Sharing and being generous

In our RE lessons this term we will be learning about how people can care for others by sharing and being generous.

We will look at the festival of Harvest and how people give thanks for the food we have and give food to people less fortunate then ourselves.


We will also look at the festival of Eid and how Muslims give money to charity on this day. We will learn about the importance of giving to charity.


Properties of rocks


In Science we have been investigating the properties of different rocks.

We tested how durable they were by grating them on sandpaper.

We tested if they were permeable by dropping small drops of water on them.

We dropped them into water to test if they would float or sink.


Our School Councillors


Bluebirds have discussed what makes a good school council representative. We decided that the two children we chose had to be confident speaking up in front of other people and good at listening to suggestions from the class.

We decided that the two children that will represent our class this year will be…

Ava and Sean!