Monthly Archives: November 2016



In RE today, Year 3 discussed what taking care of something meant. The children discussed what they needed to take care of everyday. These included furniture at home, toys, pets and little brothers and sisters.

The children then discussed how to take care of our world. Here are some of the ways we thought of;


After our circle time we then made an information poster about how people can take care of our world.

Moving picture with lever


We have just completed our D&T project where we have been making a moving picture using a lever. We had to think of a picture with a moving part that was to do with the Stone Age.

First of all we had to make the lever, attach it to the back of our picture, decorate the front and then we made some legs so that it stands up.


Rocks and fossils


In science we have been learning about rocks and fossils.

In our last lesson we learnt how fossils were made from animals that died millions of years ago and left a mould in the rock.

Today we made our own fossil by making the print of an plastic animal in play dough and then filling up the mould with plaster of paris. On Monday we will pull off the play dough and look at the fossil we have made.

Maths workshop


A big thank you to all the parents who came to our Maths workshop today!

Year 3 had a lot of fun showing you how we can solve multiplications and divisions and what we can do with arrays.
Remember to keep practicing those times tables at home (especially the 4x and 8x tables) so we can answer questions in multiplication and division quickly.