Monthly Archives: February 2017

Learning about reflection

In Science we are learning about light. Today we learnt that a reflection is when lights bounces of a reflective surface. A reflective surface has to be smooth, flat and shiny.

We played a game where we had to walk backwards through the hall. Other children were stood in the way as obstacles so we had to use a mirror to look behind us.

Reflective materials

Bluebirds have completed a science experiment this week. The purpose was to find out what materials were the most reflective so we could use them to design a new book bag.

We tested out 6 different materials by shining a torch onto the material.

We found out that a CD or tin foil was the most reflective and the plain fabric was the least reflective.

Secure passwords

As part of Safer Internet Week we had a discussion about what we use passwords for and why it is so important to keep our passwords safe.

We learnt some of the best ways of making sure your password is secure and unbreakable.

Here is a checklist of things you can do to make your passwords as secure as possible.