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Discussing our value word – Responsibility

Today, Bluebirds heard a verse from the Bible (Genesis 1 : 28) where God gives humans the responsibility to rule (care and look after) all the animals.

Mrs Parry’s pet dog – Zac
Year 3’s Dave and Shane fishes

Mrs Parry showed the children a photo of her pet dog Zac and the children shared what pets they had. We also thought about the needs of our new class fishes (Dave and Shane!). This lesson enabled the children to relate the doctrine of stewardship to the care of animals

The class all contributed and created a list of everything people need to consider before deciding to get a pet.

Stone Age Food

Bluebirds were eager to find out about what was eaten during the Stone Age. There were some surprises as there are quite a few things which we still eat today such as herbs, nuts, fish, boiled fruit, crabs, cockles, mussels, oysters and lobsters.

The more unusual food items eaten in Stone Age were red deer, wild boar, horses, stinging nettles, insects, snails and caterpillars! Stone Age people used to eat every part of an animal including the blood and brains.

Curiosity – Stone Age

Bluebirds have been displaying the learning behaviour of curiosity recently. In their own time, these girls have all been researching our Stone Age topic…. just because they want to and are eager to find out more for themselves. Sophie found out about Stonehenge and has spent hours recreating it as a model. Melissa has produced some Great drawings with facts. Niah found out lots of extra facts and information.

Sorting leaves in criteria

Bluebirds continued with their leaf investigations this week and discussed their characteristics. Each group had a sample of leaves and sorted them using different criteria. The children sorted them according to length, size, shape, texture and colour. Afterwards, the children measured lots of holly leaves….which was very tricky! Lots of perseverance and team work was required! Children also had to think about how to use a ruler accurately!

  • Bluebirds found out the range of lengths of the holly leaves was 2 – 9 cms.
  • The most common length of the leaves was 6-7 cms.
  • The range of spikes on the edge of the holly leaves was 14 – 24.
  • The most common number of spikes per leaf was 17.

We decided the bigger the leaf the more spikes it has. We noticed this was similar when comparing oak leaves and the nodes around the edge of each.

Journey tales

Today, Bluebirds worked really hard trying to edit and improve the journey tales they wrote last week. In partners, children read each other’s work and up levelled their work together using purple polishing pens. Lots of learning behaviours were being used including active listening, concentration, perseverance and working with others. Well done!

Being archaeologists

Bluebirds got the chance to be archaeologists this week when they had to carefully excavate and find evidence from the Stone Age. It was very exciting with gasps of amazement as different artefacts were unearthed!

Bluebirds then helped Mrs Parry to match some labels to different types of tools used by Stone Age people. Children noticed lots of adjectives were used which linked back to our earlier English lesson!

Discussing our value word – Responsibility

Bluebirds have been considering the environment and taking responsibility for it which links nicely to our value word for this month! This led on to thinking what the world would be like if no one cared for the world or one another.

First the children thought about what other people did for them:

Sophia – My Mummy cleans my room and gets my school clothes ready.
Amber – Phoebe plays with you and cheers me up when I’m sad.
Brooke – Teachers help us learn.
Niah – My brother takes me to the shop for ice cream.
Kezi – My Mum takes me to my favourite places at the weekend.
Brooke – My Mum cooks my tea.