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Directional sprites

During Computing, Year 3 Bluebirds explored different ways they can start their code in Scratch without using the ‘when the green flag is clicked’ block. The one we were interested in today was using different keys to start the program. We wanted our sprite to move using the directional keys on the keyboard.

The children then added different sounds to each different direction.

Programming dancing sprites

During Computing with Mr Baddhan, Year 3 Bluebird have been programming dancing sprites using motion, repetition and looks blocks. They also added sound from the library.

The children put together a sequence of instructions using the above blocks to make their sprites move across the stage. They then used the switch costume block to change the dance move of their sprite.

See some of their fantastic work below.

Samples of children’s work below



Evie and Sophia

Melissa and Sophie

Time to edit and improve!

After Friday’s lesson, Bluebirds decided more practise was needed

After Friday’s editing lesson, Bluebirds decided more practise was needed in improving their stories although they are already good at correcting their punctuation and spellings! The children heard a story Mrs Parry had written over the weekend. Most children felt there was room for improvement and helped Mrs Parry to select more exciting words and phrases, by changing or adding them.

Dividing a two digit number

After working on multiplying two digit numbers, Bluebirds moved on to dividing them. Mrs Parry displayed a picture problem on the board so children could work together and discuss methods they could use to calculate the answer.

Sam and Charles share 68 sweets equally among themselves. How many sweets will each person get?

The children discovered they had used lots of different ways to work out their answers (see our photos!) so they shared their methods together as a whole class and talked about which were the most efficient ways. Then the class carried on calculating more division problems us the equipment and representing what they had made using a part/part/whole model, alongside their written calculations.

Good work Bluebirds! We saw plenty of active listening, concentration and lots of children were working well together.

Moving cat

During today’s Computing lesson, Bluebirds were introduced to the coding website Scratch. Mr Baddhan showed the children how individual objects can be programmed and a set of programming instructions are called an algorithm.

The task of today’s lesson was to get children familiar with the various programming blocks in Scratch including motion, repetition and looks blocks. They were asked to move the sprite from one end of the screen to the other side using motion blocks and switching between two costumes.

Here are some some examples of children’s work in their first couple of lessons using Scratch.




Planning our own original Egyptian story

Today, Bluebirds planned their own original story about a character with a flaw. As they are learning about Egyptians, Mrs Parry showed them pictures of four pharaohs (see above) to choose from, for their main character. We thought of lots of flaws a character might have such as greed (gluttony), greed (wealth), dishonesty, untidiness, laziness, vanity, boastfulness and impatience.

Here are some of our plans:

Board games club

After school, the new members of Board Games Club were excited to see what games there were to play today. We talked about being responsible and respecting Mrs Parry’s games, ensuring that we handle them sensibly and remember to put away each game as we finish playing, to make tidying up easier!

We talked about the benefits of playing games together such as :

  • Making new friends in different year groups.
  • Non electronic fun!
  • A chance to socialise together.
  • Being fair.
  • Encouraging each other.
  • Working with others.
  • Opportunity to try out and learn new games.
  • Learning to take turns.
  • Sharing.
  • Critical thinking and planning strategies.
  • Following instructions in how to play a new game.
  • Improve / practise maths skills and counting.
  • Practise reading skills.
  • Practise spelling.
  • Decision making/ taking risks.
  • Facing challenges.
  • Feelings of achievement and well-being.
  • Perseverance.
  • Understanding you will sometimes lose – be a good sport!
  • Be understanding of others and be willing to negotiate when you want the same game/counter piece.

Auto words

Bluebirds have been busy investigating words with the prefix of auto this week. The children began by thinking of any auto words they already knew and discussed the meaning. Then they had a blank frame and had to work out where each letter would fit to familiarise themselves further with the words . In Guided Reading, children practised their dictionary skills to find out the meaning of each word. Well done to children who completed their “auto” homework this week for extra practise.

Subitising – don’t count them!

Bluebirds enjoyed a new activity today when they turned their hand to subitising. To practise recognising “the look of a number” by looking at a representation of dots either looking for patterns or groups of smaller numbers without physically counting each one. The children raced their partners for extra fun! The children attempted to name the amount in four seconds, then three seconds and finally two seconds! There was no time for actual counting!

Keeping clean

Bluebirds were shown a photograph of some items to decide what the connection was between them all. After some group discussion, Bluebirds decided the pictures were all related to keeping clean. The class came up with lots of ideas of how to keep clean and all designed individual posters in their books.

Here is the list we came up with together-

  • Have a regular bath or shower.
  • Wash your hair regularly and brush your hair daily.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Wash your hands after you have been to the toilet.
  • Trim and clean your nails.
  • Wash your clothes.
  • Change your pants and socks every day!