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Video: Thermal Energy

Bluebirds have been investigating how thermal heat moves between objects. First, the children predicted what would happen to the spirals when they were placed over the heat and then tested the experiment. Next, the children felt two tiles (one made of aluminium and one made of MDF), and predicted which one would melt an ice cube quicker.

Most of the children thought that the MDF tile would melt the ice quicker because it felt warmer to the touch. Mrs Parry told the children that both tiles were actually the same temperature. The children discussed metal being a good conductor.

Racing in seconds

Bluebirds have been mastering their time-telling skills this week. Today they have been working on seconds and solving tricky problems which required them to conver seconds and minutes.

To begin the lesson, the children used stopwatches to time their friends running. Then they ordered the time in seconds from fastest to slowest.


Bluebirds looked why believers of Islam value silence. The children heard the story of Nuh (Noah) and then worked in small groups to prepare and perform a mime of the story, which enabled them to work in silence and use other means to communicate.

The Royal Wedding!

Today, Bluebirds arrived wearing red, white and blue, to find their class decorated with bunting and Union Jack flags! They learnt about members of the Royal family, the family tree and the royal line to the throne. In addition, they heard all about Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

They found out all about the different ways people are celebrating all over the world. Mrs Parry showed them some news footage of her friend, who lives in Australia. He has turned his back garden into Buckingham Palace, complete with a London red bus, cannons and even the Queen. He is serving creams teas and serving full English breakfasts over the weekend and hopes to raise lots of money for charity.

Bluebirds, took part in activities such as designing a wedding dress, wedding cake and bunting. They decorated flags and completed wordsearches and crosswords. The children enjoyed playing pin the crown on the princess, dressing up as the wedding party and utilising photo booth accessories. Finally, the children enjoyed a little tea party together.

Telling the time perseverance

Today, Bluebirds have been persevering with telling the time this week and today have been calculating the 24 hour clock. Children solved times using different methods as they found calculating minutes to the hour challenging.

Huey said “I solved the question by seeing that 40 and 20 go together as it is a number bond to sixty so I know that 10.40 am was also twenty minutes until 11 o’clock.

Sophia said “I know the numbers are in five. Knute intervals so I counted in fives around the numbers to calculate there was 20 minutes left until it was 11 o’clock.

Evie thought how to explain the question to her partner and decided to support her by drawing a number line to find the difference between 40 and 60.

Writing book reviews

Bluebirds have been busy writing book reviews so that other children can read them to discover fantastic stories. We have talked about the stories in our author boxes and have shared our favourite stories together. The children all still love to hear stories read to to them. We talked about having a love of reading and doing it for enjoyment too. We are making a class book together with all the reviews which everyone will be able to use and look through. Kezi pointed out we could use our persuasive vocabulary from our English lessons! Some of our keen readers have requested extra review sheets to complete at home,about other super stories they have enjoyed.

Holiday Data Handling

Bluebirds linked their Computing data handling lesson with holidays as they have been writing persuasive texts about these in English. First, the children used a tally chart and decided to vote upon which was their favourite activity whilst away on holiday. There were lots of suggestions!

The children used the program 2Graph to create bar chart to present their information.

Some children then composed questions for others to answer using the data.

Video: A trip to St Nicholas church

This afternoon, Bluebirds enjoyed a trip to St Nicholas Church in Kings Norton to learn about the Christian faith and in particular quiet reflection, which links in with their current RE topic. They discovered the church was there as far back as the 1100s, although they this may have been a wooden building. The children heard about the story of St Nicholas who was a bishop and anonymously put three bags of gold through window which fell into the daughters’ hanging stockings. The story of St Nicholas represents kindness, generousity and giving anonymously.

The children enquirer what the huge pipes were (church organ), what the numbers alongside it (the hymn numbers) and what the golden eagle stand was (the lectern where the Bible is read from). Pauline explained the altar was coloured to distinguish time in the Christian calendar such as red for Pentecost, Purple for Lent/Advent to show waiting for something, gold and white for Easter and Green for normal times (great green and growing). Bluebirds learnt that the font is placed by the entrance of the church to signify the beginning of Christian life in the church. the children examined the windows to see if they could recognise any Bible stories. A lot of children found the Easter and Christmas window.

The children heard that prayers are answered but not always in the way we expect. The acronym tsp (as in a teaspoon) could be used to think about parts of a prayer. T for thank you, S to say sorry for mistakes we have made and P to remember Please when we are asking for something. prayer can also be a quiet reflection and a time to listen to God besides just speaking to him. There can be set prayer from books and also individual/free prayers. The children heard The Lord’s Prayer. We heard about some similarities and made links between Christians and Muslims.

Afterwards, the children walked respectfully around the outside of the church to see the bell tower, weather vane, gravestones, and beautiful blossom trees! The children were very inquisitive with lots of questions and really enjoyed th visit, learning lots of new information. For some children, this was their very first visit to a church, whilst some asked when we could go back again for a return visit!


Bluebirds have been learning about energy (the ability to do work) and have discovered that energy comes in lots of different ways and cannot be created or destroyed. Kezi helped Mrs Parry to perform a class demonstration of Galileo’s rolling ball, with a long track and ball bearing. The class discussed which types of energy was used and also consided where energy was wasted which slowed the ball down (kinetic, thermal and sound). Each child, had great fun experimenting with a springy toy and there was lots of discussion around potential and movement energy.
Today, the class devised experiments involving pendulums which uses potential and kinetic energy.