Monthly Archives: April 2019

How Christians show commitment

On Wednesday, Bluebirds heard the story of The Last Supper. They learnt about the washing of disciples’ feet and about Jesus breaking bread and sharing wine as a sign of his body and blood given for mankind.

Amelia – I like having my feet washed.
Frankie Dee – Washing someone’s feet is a kind thing to do.
Nashe – I think God wanted to bless them.
KeXin – Wine represented Jesus’ blood and the bread was his body.
Lewis – Jesus washed their feet to show them they should be kind to others.

Afterwards, the children sequenced pictures of the story into the correct order.

Moving Easter cards!

Bluebirds have carefully planned and designed their Easter Cards with moving parts.

They had to follow instructions and demonstrate accurate cutting and gluing skills to ensure the moving parts worked. Plenty of perseverance was needed but cards look super at the end of the lesson!


Bluebirds have been looking at a range of portraits by different artists. They have been learning how to position features on the face and also considering proportion and size too. They drew a self portrait and have been experimenting with water colour paints this week.

Discussing our value word – friendship

Bluebirds discussed this month’s value word of friendship. They realised it linked with this week’s RE lesson as they had discussed qualities of a good friend when learning about Jesus and his disciples. After considering the qualities we also discussed caring and being respectful to one another as friends and also with regards to our equipment. The children discussed taking responsibility for classroom possessions and taking care of them. We also talked about having a positive attitude and taking pride by tidying up just to be caring, helpful or as a random act of kindness to other members of the class. This would benefit everyone as a whole!

Explore the qualities of friendship

Today Bluebirds learnt that not all friends are loyal and steadfast. The class made a group list of qualities they would look for in a friend if they needed them to help with an important task. The list was huge! The children noticed some of our learning behaviours and value words were desirable qualities they would want in a friend.

The children heard all about the qualities of Jesus’ friends (disciples) which included Simon Peter (leadership in founding the church), John who was loving, James who loyally believed in Jesus, Andrew (told others about the good news of Jesus), Bartholomew who was known for honesty, Matthew (a former tax collector) who changed and loyally followed Jesus. The children decided they would not want Judas Iscariot as a friend because he was greedy, treacherous and betrayed Jesus.