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Our new school councillors

This week, Bluebirds talked about voting fairly to choose our school councillors for this academic year. The rules were:

1) Vote for one boy and one girl
2) Do not vote for yourself
3) Do not ask others to choose you / just choose your best friend.
4) Keep your votes private

We decided what qualities were needed as these children need to be responsible role models with good listening and communication skills. Before we voted, we checked who would not want to do the role as not everyone necessarily wants to do this job!

Congratulations to Lexi and Dylan!

Understanding that giving does not have to be material

Bluebirds heard the story of The Rainbow Fish today. There were lots of messages within the story which everyone discussed:

Millie: We decided that friendship is more important than owning lots of possessions like toys. You could be lonely and have no one to share your toys with.

Charlie: You can be happy without having lots of things/money.

Jessica: Sharing makes us all get along together better.

Paige: If you both share something it is fair and equal.

Blessed: I think the Rainbow Fish was very rude ignoring the other fish because he looked different and thought he was better than the others.

Bluebirds thought about what they had a lot of and whether they would be able to share it.

There was allsorts of collections including 1ps, lids, chocolate, teddies, dolls, shoes, toys, clothes and sweets!

Learning about feelings

Mrs Parry read the class a story about a Finnish boy called Sami who was starting a new school. Afterwards, Bluebird considered all his different feelings throughout the story. The children each had a feeling word which they held up at the relevant part of the story to show their understanding of his feelings.

Lily, Lexi and Blessed shared with the class how they felt when they joined Bells Farm. They were also excited at the start and felt a bit anxious and nervous. They were glad they were made to feel welcome by the other class members and could remember who was their special friend, assigned to look after them during their first few days, whilst they settled in.

Roald Dahl Day

Today we learnt all about Roald Dahl as he is one of our authors in Bluebirds. Today would have been his 102nd Birthday. We tried to list all the books we knew he had written before learning all about him as a person.

Dylan – He was an RAF pilot in World War and was in a crash.
Jessica– He invented a medical valve to help his son
Lexi – He was married twice
Ava – He had to test chocolate bars at school which inspired Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Tanatswa – He was 74 when he died

He is buried in Great Missenden which is in Buckinghamshire.