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Movement of the Moon!

Bluebirds were very interested in learning all about the moon today. They discovered it does not give out moon light but reflects sunlight. They acted out how the moon moves using equipment besides watching film animations. They realised that the moon is present all the time and does not “come out” at night. Mrs Parry and Ryan had both noticed the moon one morning last week, before school!

Charlie – I’ve learnt there are new names for different parts of the moon such as new moon, half moon and the dark/far side!
Ryan – The Moon orbits the Earth.
Havanah – Other planets have got different moons.
Paige – When there is less of the moon it is called waning.
Ibrahim – The Moon spins anti-clockwise.
Dewha – When there is more of the moon it’s called waxing.

Stone Age Menus

Bluebirds have been researching what people ate during the three periods of time within the Stone Age.

Surprisingly, there are still some foods eaten today! Can you spot them on our menus?! The class compared their diet to the Stone Age diet to see similarities and differences. We all felt very hungry at the end of this lesson!


Bluebirds have been learning about sharing in RE and this week, they found out that Muslims have Zakah. They give away 2.5% of their savings. We worked this out using a 100 square and linked it to our knowledge of money as we haven’t learnt about percentages yet in Year 3!

Day and Night

Bluebirds have been learning about how the earth moves to find out what causes day and night time. They remembered the Equator was the hottest part of Earth from their Year 2 lessons!

Amaya – The Earth orbits the sun.
Ryan – It takes 24 hours for Earth to make one full turn.
Ava – The side of the earth facing the sun has daytime. The opposite side is dark so it is their night time.

The children set up an experiment to investigate which country was in darkness (having night time), whilst another was experiencing day time. The children led the experiment by selecting countries they wanted to find out more about. Some chose countries they had visited on holiday whilst others selected countries they would like to visit!

Some children linked this with knowledge they have gained through our Guided Reading sessions. Everyone is currently reading non-fiction books covering light, night and day, the seasons and life in space. Well done Bluebirds!

Using watercolours

Bluebirds learnt how to create a wash today to represent the cave wall before mixing and blending water colours to create some very authentic looking cave paintings. The children have really enjoyed working with different mediums to create different effects.

We like pencil best because it’s fun (Seth), it’s not too messy (Mila) and you can produce a neat picture (Ibrahim).

We preferred using the chalk pastels because you get a sharp effect whereas the watercolour is smoother (Ava) and you can blend the colours (Millie). Jessica thought the pastels are brighter but the watercolours bring the different colours out.

Black History Month – Nelson Mandela

Bluebirds have been busy learning all about Nelson Mandela today and finding out why he is so significant in history.

Frankie – He retired in 1999
Jacinta – Nelson was in prison for 27 years.
Millie – it wasn’t fair for people to be separated because of their skin colour.
Blessed – He stood up to the government and was sent to prison.
Ryan – He died on 5th Dec 2013 with a lung illness.
Amaya – I think it’s good he stood up for black people else this could still be happening in the world now.
Havana – He went to university to be a lawyer.
Dylan – It was brilliant because it was really unfair for black people.
Lexi – I think it’s rally unfair he went to prison because when was just standing up for the rights of black people.

To be able to make choices

Bluebirds talked about knowing the difference between right and wrong and thought about why this needs to happen in school. We shared examples of problems we had experienced and also considered what we have to help us in school. We talked about the importance of Peacemakers. Mrs Parry was very pleased as the class all knew the questions used in the process. The class were reminded about the “needs” cards resource we have as sometimes it is not just an apology that is needed.

Ryan – I have seen Peacemakers in action at lunch. I needed some space.
Jessica – Last year, someone shouted at me. I needed space and wanted to decide for myself who I wanted to play with.
Ava – When you are playing with the same thing, you want friends to share nicely.
Blessed – Sometimes you just feel you want time to play alone.

We all heard the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and discussed why it is important to always be honest and tell the truth.

Our Stone Age Experience!

Bluebirds have enjoyed an amazing day travelling back to experience life in the Stone Age today.

The children completed many tasks including building their own village complete with shelters, making a campfire, cooking a vegetable stew (adult led), throwing “spears” to catch imaginary mammoths and reindeer, excavating an archaeological site for evidence of primary sources(tool heads), foraging for berries and nuts in the trees (pictures of them!), identifying tree types, dissecting Stone Age “poo”, erecting their own Stonehenge, carving tool heads (out of soap!) and making bow and arrows (using sticks).

These activities helped the children to understand and learn how Stone Age people had to move around to find food and what foods they ate, how they lit fires, how they built their shelters, consider how Stone Age people moved the stones to build Stonehenge, how persevering the people must have been as everything took so long to do! Mrs Parry asked them to imagine living with only those shelters for their home. The children made comparisons between Stone Age and their lives today. They realised archaeologists discovered lots of information about prehistoric life by looking for evidence and clues. Writing and cameras had not been invented but we can see secondary sources of evidence today using non-fiction books, photos and websites.