Monthly Archives: November 2019

Managing Anger

On Thursday, Bluebirds thought about what makes them angry. Many of the answers were about irritating siblings, not sharing toys or if someone cheats and it is unfair in a game. They talked about how they feel inside and what they look like. After they shared ideas about what to do to help feelings of anger.

A Stonehenge Visit

Bluebirds have been learning about Skara Brae and Stonehenge over the last week. At the weekend, Havana took a trip to Stonehenge with her family. Today she shared photographs of her visit with class. They were thrilled to see photos and fascinated to learn it would have taken about 90 people to move just one stone when Stonehenge was created!

A big thank you to Havana and her family for sharing the photos of your exciting trip!

Diary entries

Bluebirds have been working very hard all week, to produce diary entries as the main character in our class reader “Krindlekrax.”

Amaya, Dylan and Ava bravely took on the roles of Ruskin and Elvin as they took part in a great hot-seating activity. They answered open questions from the rest of the class who were keen to find out more information about the characters, to help them with their diary writing.

Anti-Bullying Week Check-Out

What changes are YOU going to make?

Ava – Stand up for other people if they need help.
Paige – Remind other children about this anti-bullying week.
Blessed – Use Peacemakers more.
Jake – Hold doors for people to be polite.
Ibrahim – Smile at people and hopefully make them smile. Tell a joke!
Dylan – Make sure I am always fair.
Millie – Stick up for others and look after them.
Lexi – Look out for people by themselves and get together with them.

Planning pencil cases!

Bluebirds have been looking at a range of pencil cases to find out what type of fasteners can be used and what materials are used. Afterwards, the class used a design sheet to plan their own pencil case which they are going to make. They had to consider what materials and equipment would be needed along with thinking how they would join the case together, ensuring it would be the right size and planning the decoration.

Anti-Bullying Week Check-In

Think of ways to make school better for everyone.

Lexi – Everyone should get a chance to do everything.
Dylan – A school rule about being fair with others should be added.
Seth – “Be Fair” should be added to our school rules.
Jessica – You should show people that you care and encourage them to do the same. Be a role model so others do the same as you.
Paige – We could stay indoors and play games indoors at break with friends.
Millie – Give people a hug, as if they’re alright or need help.
Blessed – Everyone should try hard to use their manners.
Havana – Pupils should be polite and use the Behaviours for Learning.
Tanatswa – Pupils should use the blue bench and talk to others who are sat there alone.
Ibrahim – Pupils should try smiling at each other and be thankful and happy