Monthly Archives: February 2020

Unhappy fairytale endings!

Bluebirds love their new class story called The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy. This week they have been busy looking at the features and picking apart the text, finding examples of adjectives, similes and personification. The class realised this effective vocabulary entertained the reader.

Later in the week, Bluebirds compared the plot of The Lost Happy Endings to other well known fairytales and mapped out the five parts of the stories. Today, the children have throughly enjoyed writing unhappy endings to well known fairy tales. There were some very imaginative ideas!

Owning our online identity

As part of Safer Internet Week, Bluebirds class have been discussing areas about online identity. Mr Baddhan showed the class a video about owning your identity online. The children discussed:

► What they liked and disliked about the video?
► What the key messages about online identity?

The video is here – click here to watch it.

The children then put together a brainstorm of different ideas that relate to owning your online identity. The children suggested the following ideas…

► Be yourself.
► Don’t try to copy others.
► Keep your personal information with yourself.
► Don’t be a keyboard warrior.
► It’s not all about getting more followers.

Egyptian artefacts

This week, Bluebirds had fun examining some Egyptian artefacts. They also looked at some photos (secondary sources of evidence). The class answered questions about what they could tell about Egyptian life such as:

What do you think this item could be?
What do you think it was used for?
What is it made from?
What does this tell us about Egyptians?

Finally, the children were very excited to see a sarcophagus complete with a mummy inside!

The Black Stone

Bluebirds heard the story of The Black Stone today, to understand that Muslims believe in being fair and just. Afterwards, Mrs Parry asked the class to think how to share 4 cakes between six people. Leah quickly solved the mystery that each person would get 2/3 of cake each!