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Homework Activities

Message from Mrs Parry.

Dear Bluebirds

I hope you and your families are all well and keeping safe by staying at home. I am missing you all very much – it is very strange not being at school isn’t it? At least there has been some sunshine! I think Zac (my dog), is wondering why we are all at home. However, he is really enjoying all the extra fuss!

“Woof! Hello to all you Bluebirds out there!”

Just before school stopped we had started to learn about fractions. Can you remember? (I know you’ve had a few sleeps since then! J). Please watch a lesson each day and try to complete the activities, using this link

It is really important to practise number work every day so I have listed some “four a day” questions for you to have a go at this week. Remember to line up your digits and regroup when you need to! Also practise number bonds on

194 + 333 =
324-172 =
23 x 4 =
85 ÷ 5 =

364 + 187 =
418 – 34 =
38 x 3 =
64 ÷ 2 =

497 + 35 =
134 – 93 =
14 x 8 =
54 ÷ 3 =

261 + 149 =
238 – 146 =
26 x 3 =
54 ÷ 4 =

558 + 327 =
564 – 239 =
19 x 4 =
72 ÷ 8 =

Keep practising your times tables using TT Rockstars or for a change why not try

Please practise the ten spellings and ask someone else at home to test you – see separate blog of the list. Why not make a word search with these words in for someone else to do?! You can check it afterwards – be the teacher. Draw or print a grid from google (such as a blank 100 square) for the outline. I have also included a SPaG mat of activities for you to complete.

Click here to download the SPaG mat.
Click here to read how to help with spellings – stragtegies

Have you watched any of the short animated films on yet? There are many to choose from. Pick one you like the sound of and see if you can write a story (it could be a sequel, the next chapter, retell as one of the characters). May be we could compile a collection for each other to read? How are you getting on with your ERIC reading challenge? I am currently reading The Christmasaurus which Lexi, Pippa and Miss Dainter have all recommended ….. I want to find out why they all think it’s so fantastic!

I know you had all started making notes ready to create e-books with Mr Baddhan in Computing. Perhaps you could make an information booklet, non-fiction book or brochure for your family. Can you design the front cover too? You could get more facts from the links below and there are some fun activities too.

Ask adults at home for permission to mummify a tomato. If you do not have ingredients you can watch the method using this link. This includes some weighing (maths) and irreversible changes (science)!

Watch the video – click here.

Have any of you tried the Jo Wicks P.E. workouts yet? They are on every morning at 9.00 am on YouTube. I have started today! I liked the bunny jumps the best. The hardest was the plank step but I will persevere! Here is the link if you missed it

I have also included a poster you might like to colour and display in your window to say thank you to all the NHS staff who are very busy working in our hospitals and medical centres. Colouring is also a way to relax too so enjoy it and relax! May be you could draw and colour in a rainbow? I know lots of you are good at rainbows because you have made me some beautiful pictures before in Golden Time!

Click to enlarge and print

Home Learning

Dear Parents and Carers,

Besides lots of home learning resources available on our school website, please use the paper based tasks for your child over the next week. Please encourage your child to make these last, completing a few each day, including Maths, English and Reading. Please help your child to practise telling the time (especially analogue – with a clock face), and calculating money/change. Cooking with children, can provide measure/weighing opportunities too! Share books together and practise the specific Year 3-4 spelling words with them.

You could give them four maths questions a day, which is what normally happens in class ( x – + ÷), to maintain regular practise/recap. There is also a great website children could use to inspire writing stories, letters, diary entries or reports. The site includes short animation films and photos for inspiration. Maths lessons and printable worksheets are available on the website which is the scheme we use in school.

Thank you for your support in such challenging circumstances.

Kind regards

Mrs E Parry

Canopic Jars

Bluebirds are extremely proud of their fantastic Canopic jars. They designed their God head shape, modelled the lidded jar and then decorated them in Egyptian colours.

We had some fantastic creations. Ancient Egyptians used these to store the lungs, stomach, intestines and liver in because they believed the dead person would need them ready for the afterlife.

Understanding the Jewish Passover

Today, Bluebirds learnt about Passover which is an important Jewish festival. This takes place in Spring, lasting 7-8 days and celebrates when Jewish people were freed from slavery in Egypt over 3000 years ago. They eat unleavened bread to remember when the Jewish people escaped from Egypt, not having time to make normal bread that rises in the oven. The Seder Meal with family and friends, has a special plate that has sections for symbolic food. Here are our plates which explain what food there is and what it represents.

Introducing ‘Sound’ and ‘If Else’ blocks

During today’s Computing lesson with Mr Baddhan, Year 3 Bluebirds have continued to put their understanding of coding into practise using Scratch.

Today Bluebirds used the “If Else” and “Sound” blocks to introduce sound to their program. They have started to work on creating a dancing sprite program where a sprite will dance over some sound.

We hope to have some of the children’s work on our class blog this week.

Photographic memories

Bluebirds discussed whether we actually needed photos to remember special people, places and events. We also talked about how much more we can remember about a person or a place than what we can see in a photograph. Mrs Parry shared photos with the class of important people in her life and also a photo of a special occasion. She recalled memories from the photos.

Dylan – I remember seeing my baby brother and had a photo taken, holding him for the first time.
Ava – I remember a trip to Thomas Land with my brother and sister.
Ibrahim – I have a photo from when we visited The London Eye.
Amaya – When I visit my family in New Zealand, we always have a big group photo together, at the end of the holiday.
Havana – I have a nice photo of my Mum holding me, whilst going down a slide, when I was little.
Paige – I have a photo album with memories of my holiday to Disneyland.

The children each drew or wrote about an important person, place or event in their lives.