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Video: How To Not Go To School

If you would like to listen to this story, please click on the link to hear Mrs Parry read it. There six short chapters which will be posted on the blog each day.

The story is written by Mike Forde, who is a teacher, and is dedicated to the children of Wensleydale Class at Ingleton Primary School in North Yorkshire.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Home Learning 27/4/2020

Hello lovely Bluebirds from Mrs Parry!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend? I think the weather is changing to rain and cloud this week which is a shame. Zac wants to know if you have all been doing the work that’s been posted on the blog?! He said he hopes you are all managing to read every day too – even if it is only 5-6 pages but if you can manage more, then even better! Yesterday, he enjoyed a walk in the woods amongst the Bluebells. He’s such a poser and has insisted that I post his photo on here again!

Direct Links
Lesson 1 –Add fractions –
Lesson 2 – Subtract fractions –
Lesson 3 – Problem solving (1) –
Lesson 4 – Problem solving (2) –
Recap adding and subtracting fractions on this link –
Please practise a range of number bonds on this website and also play some session on TT Rockstars.

I have divided your English and Maths home learning into parts for each day. This week, I have also included a science and geography lesson too. Please complete these sometime within the next week on whichever day is best for you. If you would like to complete any further lessons in any subject, please use these websites below:

The Oak National Academy

BBC bitesize

I have included a lesson about “Light” for you to read and do. Follow the link

Please try these map and compass activities using the link

This week, moves on to adding and subtracting fractions, along with some problem solving. Please follow the link below to complete a daily lesson. If you are unsure, remember you can always look at previous lessons on the website, for a recap on fractions.

Here are this week’s spellings. This week, please practise them by writing them out across a whole line of lined paper so that you can practise your joined handwriting:


Complete these SPaG activities:


Reading Comprehension Task.

Read the poem below to an adult and answer the questions by pointing to the answer in the poem.

Don’t just guess the answer – you must show where you found it.

Top tip!

Each question will follow the order of the poem so start at the top.

Please Mrs Butler
Please Mrs Butler
This boy Derek Drew
Keeps copying my work, Miss.
What shall I do?
Go and sit in the hall, dear.
Go and sit in the sink.
Take your books on the roof, my lamb.
Do whatever you think.
Please Mrs Butler
This boy Derek Drew
Keeps taking my rubber, Miss.
What shall I do?
Keep it in your hand, dear.
Hide it up your vest.
Swallow it if you like, my love.
Do what you think best.
Please Mrs Butler
This boy Derek Drew
Keeps calling me rude names, Miss.
What shall I do?
Lock yourself in the cupboard, dear.
Run away to sea.
Do whatever you can, my flower.
But don’t ask me!

1. What is the name of the teacher?
2. What is the first thing Derek Drew does wrong?
3. Where does the teacher say the narrator should take their books?
4. What three things does the teacher say the narrator should do with the rubber?
5. What is the final complaint the narrator has about Derek Drew?
6. What does the teacher call the narrator in the last verse?

Challenge: Why not see if you can learn it and perform it to your family?!

Writing task:

Challenge: Can you write a conversation between Mike and Joe, making sure you use the correct punctuation for speech. (Use inverted commas, capital letters, punctuation and a new line for a new speaker. Remember to include who says what. What other words can you use instead of said? (shouted, screamed, sighed, gasped).

First, I would like you to get either a grown up or an older brother/sister to test you on the spellings from Monday please. Then please try to complete this activity on conjunctions:

Paige’s home activities!

Paige has been busy planting with her dad and sister. She has also been busy doing the Joe Wicks workout…..including fancy dress Fridays along with plenty of her usual dancing. She has received the fantastic news that she has been accepted to Midland ballet Theatre, to train in their next 2021 production of Cinderella. This is an amazing achievement – Congratulations to Paige! ⭐

Paige’s Joe Wicks workout where she is super fit!

Has done lots of dance as you can imagine, and has been accepted to Midlands Ballet theatre to train in their next 2021 production of Cinderella.

She has planted and grown lots of vegetables with her dad and sister

Writing Task

Hi Bluebirds. Please have a look at the writing task below which I would like you to have a go at this week. See if you can think of some fronted adverbials and a simile too. It’s hot outside today….so I have picked a “chilly” picture to help cool you all down!

Mrs Parry

Video: Pippa’s creative Marble Run!

A message from Pippa in Year 3.

I’ve missed school but I have had fun at home. We’re lucky we’ve had the sun. I’ve finished the book Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch also I’ve been reading the Creakers another one by Tom Fletcher and have also finished it. In the garden, we’ve made a marble run and timed the marbles. In the Easter holidays I’ve made a robot using two big cereal boxes , Easter egg boxes, tissue rolls and tissue paper.

Pippa’s cereal box robot

Week commencing 20/4/2020

Welcome back from Mrs Parry!

Dear Bluebirds,

I hope you and your families are all well and have enjoyed Easter? Have you eaten all your chocolate eggs yet?!

Please practise these words by writing them in a sentence. See what other words you can make out of some of the letters from each word. For example, using the letters in OPPOSITE, I can make POST, POP, SITE, SIT, SIP, TIP, PIT etc. See how many new words you can make for each spelling!


It is really important to practise number work every day so I have listed some “four a day” questions for you to have a go at this week. Remember to line up your digits and regroup when you need to!

Please play the number bonds games on and practise times tables on using TT Rockstars. Have you also tried the website

Continue to follow the daily activities on the main school website homepage and you could also look at White Rose daily lessons too

Previous answers (week beginning 30/3/2020):

Here are this week’s for you to do:

I hope you have all been reading? Even if it is only a little bit, please do some every day. I am reading “The Christmasaurus” that Lexi and Pippa recommended. Miss Dainter has even read it too!

I have written a paragraph below which I would like you to check for me. Can you be the teacher?! It might be easier if you rewrite it ……correctly! Have I made any mistakes?! How many errors are there?!

I was realy looking forward to eating my easter eggs but my dog zac, quickly snatcht the bigest box and runned of with it, into the garden i was verry angry. “come back hear at wonce i screamed loudly because I new dogs was not aloud to eat chocolate. befor long he dropt the box as he notised his orange bawl witch was his favorite toy good boy I showted to him would you like a nice biscuit instead he sat eagerly weighting for his snack as i pated him on the hed. Your being a good boy now I said as I smyled down at him