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This morning, the Bluebirds in Year 3 were adding adverbs (ly words) into their sentences. We have been looking at root words and how they change when adding ly. Words ending in a y, change, we need to take off the y, add i and then ly. Other root words do not change, there is a reminder on our working wall in the classroom to help us.

Today, we were looking at verbs (doing words) in sentences and adding in an adverb to describe the verb. We had an adverb bank to help us and we wrote our own sentences about Stone Age Boy, when the boy met Om.

Proud of our work

In Year 3, Mrs Moore is giving out gold stars this week, specifically to children who show pride in their work.

Yesterday, Mrs Moore noticed two children’s work in maths that really showed pride. One child was Dora – well done Dora!

The other child was Daisy C – keep up the good work Daisy!

We celebrated the children’s work in class by showing the rest of the Bluebirds, Dora and Daisy stood at the front and the Bluebirds gave them a round of applause. Mrs Moore is on the look out to give more gold stars this week!

Year 3 recommend….

Bluebirds in year 3 have been thoroughly enjoying ERIC, today we shared the books we’ve been reading with each other.

Max and Liam recommend Into The Forest
Zi yan recommends The Day The Crayons Quit
Naz recommends Horrid Henry
William recommends Dinosaur Atlas
Imogen recommends Meercat Mail

Mrs Moore recommends The Day The Crayons Quit
Miss Knapman recommends Tad.

From the discussion, we discovered we all really enjoyed The Day The Crayons Quit!

Check out our reading corner display for more recommendations.

Stone Age Boy – Seasonal plans and berries

Last week in Topic, the Bluebirds were learning about the Stone Age and how people got their food. On Thursday, we learnt about the seasonal plans and berries Stone Age people would gather to eat. We looked at information and skimmed and scanned the information to find which plants and berries were gathered in which season. We drew the plants and labelled them in our books.

On Friday, we watched a short film where an archeologist showed us how Stone Age people made tools and weapons. We discussed the materials used and how the weapons and tools were made and why Stone Age people had to make them in order to catch their food. Then we designed our own Stone Age weapon, thinking about what materials we would use and how it would be used.

Feelings – Stone Age Boy

Today in English, the Bluebirds in Year 3 finished reading Stone Age Boy.

We continued with thinking about how the boy was thinking and feeling and our task today was to find certain parts of the text, using our skimming and scanning skills to fill out the sheet.

We had some fantastic work and the Bluebirds really thought hard about how the boy would feel and what he might think in different situations. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!

Inferring thoughts and feelings

Today, the Bluebirds in year 3 were asked to skim and scan through the text of Stone Age Boy in English. Using our skimming skills of running our fingers along the text to find the point we were asked to find, or scanning, by running our finger down the center of the page and looking either side at the text to find the right information.

Bluebirds had to skim and scan to find certain points in the text and infer how the main character, the boy, maybe thinking and feeling at that point in the story. We discussed as a group the different feelings and what the boy may be thinking in different situations.

Gifts and talents

Well done year 3 for engaging in a great discussion on our gifts and talents. You truly are a talented class!

We have a class full of children who can do extraordinary things like trampolining, karate, backflips, dancing, singing, speaking a different language and origami! It was lovely to share all these great gifts and talents.

Some of these gifts and talents were not new news but it was lovely to share that lots of the children and myself speak different languages! Hopefully over the course of the year we can share lots more of these gifts and talents. They certainly made us all smile.

Well done year 3.

Skimming and scanning

Our reading strategy this week in Year 3 is skimming and scanning.

We have been looking at different texts and learning how to skim and scan for information.

When skimming we run our fingers along the text to find information.

When we are scanning, we run our finger down the center of the piece of text to find information.

During guided reading this week, the Bluebirds in Year 3 have been practising this skill and answering questions about the text we were reading.

Venn diagram – Stone Age Boy

This morning in English, the Bluebirds in year 3 continued reading Stone Age Boy.
After reading on we learnt the Stone Age girl’s name is Om and that she had a large family.

We discussed what the boy might have seen them doing… on the next page there was a lot of different activities. We found the tools they used especially interesting. Some of us felt a little squeamish about how they prepared and used animal skins.

We talked about the kind of tools were used in the Stone Age, the clothes that were worn, where they came from, how they were made and how food was found.

Our task for today was to complete a Venn diagram of what was the same, what was different and what was the same about the two main characters, the boy and Om.

Stone Age Boy

Today in English, the Bluebirds in year 3 started reading Stone Age Boy, we were all very excited!
We looked at the animals on the inside cover and discussed which ones are now extinct, Maarya remembered and told the class that the first humans were found in Eastern Africa.

We looked at the page where the two main characters meet and discussed their reaction to each other.
Helen – she’s looking at his clothes
Zi yan – she’s feeling his clothes
Alexie – she’s pointing at his glasses
Daisy G – she tries his glasses on!

We talked about why the girl reacted in this way, why it was funny, and why they can not communicate with each other.

We will continue reading tomorrow!