Monthly Archives: October 2020

Stone (soap) knapping

This afternoon during topic, the Bluebirds had a go at Stone Age flint knapping with bars of soap and plastic knives.

First, we looked at flint spear heads that Stone Age people used as weapons. We then each had a bar of soap and a plastic knife and shaved the egdes of the bar into the shape of a spear head.

Salt dough Stone Age jewellery

This afternoon in Topic, Bluebirds were having a Stone Age experience! We made Stone Age style jewellery out of salt dough.

First, we looked at images of Stone Age jewellery on the interactive white board.

Then Mrs Moore showed us how to roll and manipulate the salt dough into bead and tooth shapes. We use a plastic needle to make the hole so we could thread them into a necklace. We will leave leave our beads over night to dry out and then thread them tomorrow!

Writing a non-chronological report

This morning in English, Year 3 started writing their non-chronological report about the Stone Age.

We discussed ideas for a title for the report and possible subheadings for each paragraph as a group. We could use one from the board or choose our own.

Used the plans we wrote yesterday and put our notes into full sentences and paragraphs. We used noun phrases to add more detail, and the conjunctions so and because.

Planning a non-chronological report

This morning in English, the Bluebirds in Year 3 were using the research they completed in their topic lesson to start planning a non-chronological report about the Stone Age.

We had our Topic books so we could read our research and wrote our plan in bullet points. We will put our bullet points into full sentences when we write our report tomorrow.


Our learning objective in English this morning was to use the conjunctions so and because. The Bluebirds in Year 3 were given sentences about the Stone Age and had to extend the sentences and give more information by adding the conjunctions so and because.

We did the first one on the board together.


Year 3 had a wonderful discussion in RE today. They looked at Unity in religion. They discussed where they find unity (togetherness) and came up with some fantastic responses. They noted school, home, friends, church and Mosque. All these places are so important, for so manty reasons. Some of the reasons people choose to be together are:

• when they are lonely
• when they want to learn
• when they celebrate marriages, christenings and festivals like Christmas, Easter, Eid
• when they are sad
• when they attend funerals or celebrate someone’s life

Today, the children also learnt that people come together and unite when they go on pilgrimages. Pilgrimages are when people visit holy sites that are important to them in their faith.

They tend to go in groups as they are usually a trip abroad and will last at least a few days. This makes the visit much more memorable.

The class then watched a video of an 11-year-old, girl who was preparing for a pilgrimage to Mecca with her family. The children really enjoyed watching how many thousands of people, from all over the world, unite to perform the Hajj. They all wear white, resulting in everyone looking identical. Everyone becomes equal, no differences, no divisions because of money, status (job), clothes, race or background- everyone looks and is treated the same. Everyone has the same aim- to complete the difficult pilgrimage, so they all work as one. They unite.

A lot of very good questions were asked and it showed the level of active listening and critical thinking that the children have.

Well done Year 3.

Noun phrases

First thing this morning in English, the Bluebirds in Year 3 were writing noun phrases.

We were given sentences about the Stone Age and were asked to identify the nouns, we then had to add an adjective to describe the noun and give some more information.

Maya used the noun phrases sharp tools, strong houses, hungry people, useful weapons and big slabs.

Eason used the noun phrases sour berries, massive slabs and round stones.

Daisy C used the noun phrases pointy weapons, heavy slabs and juicy berries.

Our Stone Age Boy Display

This afternoon in Golden Time, year 3 worked together to create the Boy and Om for our Stone Age Boy display. We all painted small bits to create each character to go on our display board in the hall.

When the characters are finished they will go on the board along with some of our work, including, our letter to Om, our diary entries and photographs of our fantastic Stonehenge in clay.

Coming soon… watch this space!

Editing our letters

Today in English, the Bluebirds in Year 3 edited their letters to Om. We looked carefully at our punctuation, making sure if we had asked a question, we put a question mark. Making sure we had paragraphs and co-ordinating conjunctions. We edited using our purple polishing pens.

When we had finished, we started writing up our letters to go on our Stone Age display in the hall.

Writing letters – co-ordinating conjunctions

This morning, the Bluebirds in a year 3 started writing their letters to Om. They were writing as the boy from the Stone Age Boy, writing a letter to their new friend.

We had our toolkit to remind us that we needed to include co-ordinating conjunctions, to ask Om questions about how she is, her family and what she’s been doing. We needed to describe our feelings since we had left the Stone Age and we also needed to remember to write in paragraphs.