Monthly Archives: December 2020

Calendars for 2021

Today, the Bluebirds in Year 3 had a brilliant (and slightly messy time) time printing their 2021 calendars!

We made prints for the four seasons from polystyrene cards and printed them in black paint.

Each section was a different colour background and a different print for the four seasons.

We put a black boarder around each season to really make it stand out. They look fantastic year 3, well done!

Magnetic field

This afternoon in Science, the Bluebirds in Year3 were using magnets. We were learning about the magnetic force around a magnet called a magnetic field. We were investigating different items, seeing if they were attracted to the magnet or not.

First, we made a prediction.

Then we tested each item with a large magnet!

We ticked our predictions if we had made a correct guess.

We also had a magnet each and were given the time to play and investigate a metal paper clip and iron filings at our tables.

Investigating friction of different surfaces

Yesterday afternoon during Science, the Bluebirds in Year 3 were doing a Science experiment. We were investigating the friction of different surfaces. We did this by raising a platform in 5cm gaps to see when a toy car would start rolling down the ramp. The surfaces we measured were, wood, carpet, bubble wrap, sandpaper and sponge. We all made a prediction before the experiment and recorded our measurements during the experiment. We were working in groups and showing the behaviour for learning of ‘team work.’


This afternoon, the Bluebirds in Year 3 started a new topic in Science, forces. We watched a video of lots of different clips showing pulling and pushing, we discussed which force was being shown in each short clip.

Our challenge was to think of different sports that involve a pull or a push force.

Soil collage

This afternoon, the Bluebirds in Year 3 were making collages of the layers in soil. We had the layers on the board to remind us about what they were and talked about how we could create the layers using coloured paper and tissue paper. The Bluebirds worked in pairs and could choose their own resources. Mrs Moore and Miss Knapman were looking for the ‘team work’ behaviour for learning for silver and gold cards this afternoon.

There was some fantastic team work! We saw children working together, talking to each other, listening to each other and planning their collage really well. Excellent work Bluebirds!

Video: Counting in fours

During Maths, the Bluebirds in Year 3 have been learning their times tables. We have used our knowledge of the two times table to help us with our four times table.

Today, we were using a number stick to help us with our four times table. Mrs Moore held up the counting stick with all the numbers in the four times table in. Then Mrs Moore took away one number and we had to remember which number was missing. Mrs Moore repeated this four times! Daisy G helped Mrs Moore to put all of the numbers back into the right place in the four times table.

Planning our own chapter!

Yesterday, the Bluebirds in year 3 ordered the events of chapter 18 of our class reader, Krindlekrax.

We have now read up to chapter 22, and our task today was to plan our own chapter! We were imagining that Ruskin has gone into the sewer to find Krindlekrax. We shared our ideas of what could happen. Rawan thought that Ruskin might get lost in the sewer. Max thought that Ruskin might ask Elvis for help or Elvis might follow Ruskin down into the sewer and get hurt or eaten by Krindlekrax! Naz thought that Ruskin could try to capture Krindlekrax to take him back to the zoo. Andrew thought that Ruskin would ask Corky for help to capture Krindlekrax. Daisy B thought that Ruskin would try to capture Krindlekrax but ends up falling in the water of the sewer. Zi yan thought that Krindlekrax would be too strong for Ruskin to capture and he would end up being stuck in the sewer forever! Millie thought that Krindlekrax would bite Ruskin, maybe Krindlekrax was confused and thought Ruskin was a piece of toast.

We will finish writing our chapters tomorrow.

Writing a setting description

In English this morning, the Bluebirds in year 3 were writing ideas for a setting description. We are writing a setting description for a sewer because Krindlekrax lives in a sewer in our class reader, Krindlekrax. We started sharing ideas for the setting on Friday of what we might hear, see, smell and feel in the sewer.

Then we discussed the fronted adverbials we could use when writing our setting description. We focused on where adverbials and shared our ideas.