Monthly Archives: January 2021

Topic – Death Masks

This week in Topic, the Bluebirds in year 3 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians and about the mummification process.

We learned about death masks and even designed our own after looking at some examples in a Topic lesson.

One Bluebird even turned themselves into a mummy! Can you guess who it is?

Live Learners of the Week 29.1.21

This week, the Bluebirds who received the Live learner of the Week certificates are:

Fantastic work Liam and Rawan – well done!

The Bluebirds who have achieved a Times Tables Rock Stars certificate are:

Eason has an average speed of 1.2 seconds when answering questions on Times Tables Rock Stars, he is the 4th fasted in the whole school. Wow Eason!

You’re having a brilliant week Liam – well done, keep it up!

Excellent, well done Maarya.

A big well done to all of the Bluebirds for another brilliant week of home learning – you are all working so hard at home and at school. See you on Monday for the English live lesson.

Snow Day!

On Monday, along with their home learning work, the Bluebirds in year 3 also emailed in photos of them having fun in the snow – they were lovely to see!

Well done Bluebirds for all your hard work and it is nice to see that you are having fun too!

Making Canopic Jars with Daisy C

During her topic lesson on Ancient Egyptians and mummification at home, Daisy C made a canopic jar using air dry clay. At home, they discussed how the Ancient Egyptians used the jars to store the brain, lungs, kidneys and intestines when they were removed during mummification.

Looks amazing Daisy – well done!

Live Learners of the Week – Topic

The Bluebirds have had a whole week of live Topic lessons this week. All of the Bluebirds have been contributing and listening well… but Mrs. Moore has chosen two children who have really stood out this week as our Live Learners of the Week.

Well done Evelyne and William – fantastic live learning this week!

Next week, our live lesson is going to be Maths – see you there!

Exploring Ancient Egyptian Life

In the Bluebird’s live Topic lesson this morning, we were exploring what Ancient Egyptian life was like by looking at examples of evidence found by archaeologists.

Our task after the lesson was to write what the artefacts on the sheet might tell us about the lives of Ancient Egyptians. The Bluebirds had some fantastic ideas and contributions in the lesson together and in their work – well done Bluebirds!

Do email your work in when you have finished! Here are just some of the Bluebird’s work from today’s lesson.

River Nile Posters

Yesterday morning, the Bluebirds in year 3 at home and in school had a live Topic lesson on Teams with Mrs. Moore.

We were learning about the River Nile and how the Ancient Egyptians used the River Nile. Our task after the lesson was to draw a poster of the River Nile, with all of the ways the Ancient Egyptians used the river and to annotate our drawings.