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Designing Canopic Jars

Last term, the Bluebirds in year 3 learned all about Ancient Egypt in Topic. This week in Art, we are remembering our Topic lessons in art.

We are designing canopic jars to then make our design out of clay. Canopic jars were used by ancient Egyptians to hold mummified remains. During the mummification process, all of a person’s major organs were removed and placed in canopic jars.

Here are some of our designs:

Writing poems about the sky

In Bluebirds, we have been reading the book ‘Here We Are’.

We have written stars that tell everybody where our special place is and why.

We have written poems about the sky using nouns, adjectives and alliteration.

We have also written a little card to explain what makes us different and unique, we all had something different to write.

Class Charter

This afternoon in English, we created a class charter in order to understand that everyone is different and unique.

Liam is different and unique because he wants to be different from other people.
Amelie is different and unique because she can speak Spanish.
William is different and unique because he can speak French and Spanish.
Daisy W is different and unique because she has a different eye colour.
Daisy B is different and unique because she has her own opinions.
Eason is different and unique because he likes art.

Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day. The Bluebirds in year 3 wore something red or dressed up as a Disney character and brought in £1 to raise money for this worthy cause.

This year Red Nose Day donations will go towards supporting important issues like homelessness, hunger, domestic abuse and mental health, all of which have been impacted by Covid-19.

Reflective Surfaces

In our Science lessons this week we have been learning about light. The children have learnt that dark is the absence of light. They have also learnt that the sun is the biggest source of light as well as other sources which include lamps, televisions and fire.

In Thursdays lesson the children were experimenting with different materials and they were trying to find the most reflectivel material. The children were given five different materials to experiment with, these included, tin foil, cellophane, paper, plastic and tracing paper. They were working together with their partner using a reflective tester made out of a piece of paper with a hole in it and a torch. They were then shining the torch through the hole to the material and seeing if the reflection bounced back onto the paper and a lot of the children identified successfully that the cellophane was the most reflective material.

Once the children completed this experiment they were able to move onto the second activity of the afternoon which was to design a reflective book bag. The children were able to identify and explain why the use of high visibility jackets and bags were important. Most of the children decided they would use cellophane to design their book bag with.

Here is Firas’ brilliant design, he opted for a colourful book bag and chose the most colourful and bright material so it could be reflected!

Daisy B opted for a pink and blue book bag, however she chose tin foil as her material for her book bag as that is what Daisy B found out through the experiment. She described the tin foil as being shiny like the high visibility jacket!

We have had a brilliant first week learning about Light and next week we will be looking at making shadows!

Enjoying our reading

This morning, the Bluebirds were reading books from the class library in ERIC.

Naz is reading The Jolly Rogers and the Cave of Doom. Naz said “it’s adventurous and there’s loads of action in it. I like it!” Naz gave it 4 stars out of five.

Imogen is reading Night Zoo Keeper. She said “it is a very interesting book with fun characters.” Imogen gave it 5 out of 5 stars!

Max is reading Incredible Earth. Max said “I think it’s a good book because it has loads of information in it.” Max gave it 4 out of 5 stars.