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This half term the Bluebirds in year 3 have been learning French. We know how to say pleasantries, like hello, good bye, please and thank you. We have also been learning numbers in French.

Hello – Bonjour

Hi – salut

How are you? – comment ca va?

I’m fine! – Ca va bien!

0 – zero

1 – un

2 – deux

3 – trios

4 – quatre

5 – cinq

6 – six

7 – sept

8 – hurt

9 – neuf

10 – did

The Bluebirds have been researching about lighthouses. We looked at the design, how they were built, their purpose and their important features.
During a DT lesson this week, we made an electrical circuit that we could use in our lighthouse as the light. We drew our circuit and our design for our lighthouse in our DT booklet.
We have also had a go at making our own electrical circuit, using batteries, wires bulbs and switches which we will need for the light source.
Yesterday, we wrote instructions on how we would make our lighthouse, including the materials we would need.
Today, we started making our lighthouse! We decorated a cardboard tube as the body of the lighthouse and Miss Hookes  secured it to another piece of card. Our lighthouses are
stating to take shape

English Fun!

On Wednesday morning, the Bluebirds in year 3 had a fun English starter. They were given some speech without inverted commas and some macaroni pasta! The Bluebirds’
task was to add speech marks into the sentences using the pasta. The Bluebirds worked with their partner showing their working together skills.

Observing music

This week, the Bluebirds in year 3 have been having music in the afternoon. We have been listening to music and trying to identify what instruments we can hear in the piece of music or song. We’ve also discussed what genre of music we thought it was, we particularly enjoyed disco!

We’ve been copying and following clapping rhythms and dance movements, showing our active listening skills and observation skills.

We have also been playing the xylophones along with songs, sharing with our partners, showing excellent team work.

‘Three by the Sea’ – Discussing adjectives

This morning in English, we started reading Three by the Sea.

We discussed the three main characters of the dog, the cat and the mouse. As a class, we discussed adjectives to describe their appearance and what their personality could be like from the illustrations and the story.

Daisy B and Eason completed a role on the wall for the dog.

Liam and Scarlett completed a role on the wall for the cat.

Bluebirds enjoy ERIC

This morning, the Bluebirds had ERIC after break…

William was reading a poetry book.

Daisy read to Miss Knapman, she read The Singing Mermaid, she said she thought the book was just ok!

Some of the Bluebirds read with their partner, Daisy and Jason read I Bet I Can Make You Laugh – it did indeed make them laugh!

Andrew read Father Christmas, he liked the ending the best and Harvey read Dinosaur Atlas, he learned about four dinosaurs he didn’t know about before!

Using Inverted Commas

This week, the Bluebirds in year 3 have been learning to use inverted commas when using speech in their writing.

We wrote a part of the story from The Lost Happy Endings where Jub met the witch! In our writing we included fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, synonyms for said, reported clauses and made sure we were using inverted commas correctly.

We have each chosen a fairy tale that we would like to rewrite and and change the ending of! We started writing our fairy tale earlier this week and we will finish them next week. In our story we need to include, fronted adverbials, interesting adverbs, expanded noun phrases, use the correct punctuation and inverted commas for speech.

This is Hollie’s story so far: