Monthly Archives: July 2021

Diary of Killer Cat – warning Poster

This morning, the Bluebirds read the next chapter of The Diary of a Killer Cat. Tuffy, the cat, went to the vets. He scared the other animals in the waiting room, he scratched the vet, knocked off the bottles that were on her desk and broke and scale to weigh the animals.


We came up with adjectives to describe Tuffy and created a warning poster to other vets in the area not accept Tuffy at their practice.

DT Sewing

During our Design Technology lessons this week, the Bluebirds in year 3 have been practising their sewing skills. This week we have been learning how to thread a needle, start and finish sewing and practising running stitch.

Zi Yan has made a decorative hanging at home out of felt using embroidery thread and a permanent pen. It looks great!

Design Technology – Egyptian arm cuff

This week in year 3, the Bluebirds are doing Design Technology. We are designing and making our own Egyptian arm cuff.

First, we did some research and tested some different materials. After investigating felt, cellophane and paper, we came to the conclusion that felt was the best material to use.

On Monday afternoon, we designed our arm cuff. Here are some of our designs: