Monthly Archives: September 2021

Investigating soil

Bluebirds enjoyed conducting a science investigation this afternoon, to find out which types of soil samples they had.  They studied the colour, smell and texture.  Then they tested and measured the amount of water that drained away from each soil sample.  Well done Bluebirds you correctly identified clay soil, Sandy soil, chalky soil and peat!

Stone Age Boy

Bluebirds have started their new text in English called Stone Age Boy this week.  They have used their prediction skills and have been considering the the thoughts and feelings of the main character.   Today they undertook a drama activity called freeze framing.  They are going to write some speech and thought bubbles for the characters next!

Class discusssion

Bluebirds discussed how they feel when they receive a present.  After lots of talking about giving presents, they noticed many of the feelings are the same. It feels good to give someone else a present!  The children talked about their best ever present too.
Reva – My very best present was when I received a whole set of books called Rainbow Magic.
Maya – A bracelet kit.
Joseph – A knight costume with boots and a helmet.
Corban – A magic set!
Alex H – A guitar
Everyone then thought about what gifts we can give to others that do NOT cost anything.  There were some fantastic suggestions.  The children remembered the sunflowers they planted in Year 2 and realised they could grow lots more sunflowers once the seeds develop and give people a free plant! Bluebirds also remembered last year, there were times when we couldn’t even hug because of Covid.

Enjoying ERIC

Bluebirds enjoyed visiting the library in ERIC today.  Seven children chose a book to borrow to read at home.
Karly – I love reading in here – it is peaceful and quiet.
Shriya – I love being a member of the library. I joined Kings Norton library in the summer with my friend, Reva.

Tidy Teddies

In Bluebirds classroom yesterday some new visitors arrived.  The children who had the tidiest tables before lunch, arrived back to their desks to find a Tidy Teddy had magically appeared! The bears left a note explaining they only come out when everywhere is neat and tidy and advised children to be respectful and take pride in their classroom.  They suggested each table should work together as a team as it makes tidying up so much easier.  Today there were five bears as everyone had worked readily hard to keep their area tidy.  Keep it up Bluebirds as they will not stay if we begin to get untidy! Well done to everybody!

A trip around the World!

Last week, Bluebirds were they very first children to use our new, gigantic map of the world.  It is so big that they had to use the hall – they needed a lot of space! Children played lots of games and used an atlas too.  They were finding countries and asking their partner “Where in the world am I?” Their partner had to use an atlas to work out which country they were stood on! It was great fun!
Bluebirds could remember where the Arctic and Antarctica were from their work in Year 2.  They could also tell Mrs Parry why some countries are hotter.  They could also explain that the Equator was an imaginary line running around the middle of the world.  They could also name the four countries of the British Isles.  Can you name them?!