Monthly Archives: December 2021

Cave Paintings

Bluebirds painted a wash background last week ready to paint their Stone Age animals today.  They had to make sure they used appropriate colours that were used in the Stone Age times and mixed colours to make shades.   Last week, they needed big brushes for the wash but this week, very fine brushes were needed to paint final black outlines.

Developing Compassion

Bluebirds heard a verse from the Old Testament book of the Bible called Genesis.   They found out that God expects us to rule over animals by being responsible and caring for them.  We talked about pets we had and also remembered those we used to have, that have since died.  We talked about how we care for our pets.  Mrs Parry explained how she cares for her dog, called Zac.

Word Aware

Bluebirds investigated the word ECSTATIC today.  They found in on page 47 of their class reader book called Krindlekrax.
What does it mean? Olivia – When you feel very happy!  The dictionary definition is “a feeling of great delight!”
Declan – It has three syllables
Karly – It rhymes with fantastic
Bluebirds are taking home their new words to share with their families and see if they can use this word in their conversations!

Floating Needle Experiment

Did you know you can make a compass out of a needle? 

Bluebirds did exactly that in science today, they used their investigating skill to find out which way north is, only using very simple equipment.

In small groups the children were given a bowl of water, a leaf, magnet, and a needle.

How to do the experiment:

First, fill a bowl with water.

Then rub the needle with the magnet 50 times. 

Carefully, float the leaf on the water.

Place the needle on the leaf.

Finally, watch the magic happen. 

What do you think will happen ?

It’s a simple experiment and a great way to introduce the concepts of magnetism, magnetic poles and the Earth’s magnetic field.