Monthly Archives: January 2022

Egypt and England

Bluebirds have been comparing the features of our country with Egypt today.  They have found out which has the highest mountain peak, most rainfall, most sunshine, fewest natural hazards, longest coastline and smallest population.  They used information, charts and graphs to compare the countries.
Surprisingly, Bluebirds found some similarities between the two counties.   Both countries receive their highest rainfall in December and have the most hours of sunshine in July.


On Friday, Mrs Parry showed the class a selection of photos that were really important to her.  Mainly they included her family on special occasions and there was even one of her wedding day!
She pointed out that although they were just pictures to the children, when she looked at them, she could recall the whole event.  The children considered this and drew a picture of their happiest and most favourite memory.

Canopic Jars

Today, Bluebirds learnt all about how Ancient Egyptians used Canopic jars to store human organs in. After choosing an animal, the class designed individual jars and considered decoration and colour.

Wonderful Wordsearches!

This week, Bluebirds have been working on individual spellings taken  from their own work.   They have practised writing the words three times, have tested their partner  and have made a unique word search to complete today.  We have 30 different word searches in class! For homework children will be writing sentences using these words. Perseverance and concentration is key!

Light, Mirrors and Reflections

Bluebirds had a great science lesson this afternoon experimenting with mirrors. They took it in turns to be their partner’s mirror image.  They then used mirrors and curved them to make concave and convex mirrors to see what happened to a star shape.   Last of all, they enjoyed   Preparing mirror writing and then checking it afterwards.

Shadow Puppets

Bluebirds had a fun science lesson. They were learning about light and how different kinds of material can block the light.
The children learned the rocket words and the meaning of each word:
The children made shadow puppets out of card by carefully cutting out their chosen animal. They then placed a lollypop stick on their card. Mrs Parry brought in a shadow puppet theatre she had made and then placed a light source behind it. The children then placed their hand made puppets between the light and the theatre creating a shadow.
When Bluebirds had experimented with their puppets, the class talked about what they had learned. They discussed how the light had been blocked because the card was opaque and no light could pass through it.
Why not have go at this at home and see how much fun it is!


Bluebirds today in English used Drama as they pretended to be the seagulls from the Iron Man.
They use conversational skill to talk about what they had found on the shore.
Bluebirds then used what they had learned to write sentences using the correct direct speech punctuation.

Three Little Birds

Today, Bluebirds enjoyed listening to some reggae music.  They listened and appraised “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley.  The class could hear a guitar, steel drums, cymbals and possibly a triangle! The children found the pulse and tapped (and jigged) along to the beat.    Quite a few children recognised the song from a TV advert and knew the chorus.  The children could not think of any other pieces of reggae pieces but will get the chance to hear more over the half term.


Today during PHSE the children looked at pictures of different animals, deciding if they were male or female. Some of the children knew that, in the bird world, the prettier the bird the more likely it was to be a male. They said also said about eyes and other characteristics showing that they are male or female, like an udder, bigger tusks or more spots.
Then we discussed about our private parts and how girls and boys look different. We talked about how our privates may be called by many names and then learned the scientific names.
All the children then learned about touching and why you should not touch anyone’s private parts. This also included that it was ok to say no if someone wanted to touch you.
The children discussed who they could talk to if they were ever worried, such as a parent/ carer/ teacher or trusted adult.
To finish we all watched the “Pantosaurus” advert about keeping our private’s private.