Monthly Archives: February 2022

Staying Healthy 

Bluebirds looked at ways to stay heathy and what it takes to keep them that way. All children came up with what they did to stay heathy. Here are some ideas that you could use at home.


To keep your body heathy

  • eat less sugar
  • eat more  fruit and vegetables
  • drink lots of water
  • a balance diet
  • exercise
To keep our minds heathy,
  • hobbies
  • taking a walk
  • listening to nature
  • yoga
  • making small goals each day
  • listing to music colouring/ painting/ drawing


Canopic Jars

On Friday last week, Bluebirds designed and made canopic jars in clay. This afternoon they painted them. We used metallic paint as canopic jars were usually decorated in rich, opulent colours.
Ancient Egyptians used these to store the lungs, stomach, intestines, and liver because they believed the dead person would need them ready for the afterlife. Bluebirds are extremely proud of their fantastic Canopic jars. We had some fantastic creations.

Drama in English

Bluebirds used Drama in English to help them understand the thoughts and feelings of different characters (Red Fox, Black Cat, White Dog and Grey Mouse).
They used freeze frame: freeze-frame is a still image created by stopping the action of a drama, in the same way that you can pause a film to see just one still frame. This helps the children understand or reflect on what is happening at a particular moment and to looking into the characters action.
Bluebirds used the drama activity to help them write a diary entry from Red Fox’s point of view.

Copyright and Ownership

Bluebirds this afternoon looked at copyright and ownership as part of Safer Internet Day. Mrs Parry told the children the following statement: Just because I have a copy of an image or song that does not mean it is mine. The children then talked about if they thought this was true or not.

They looked at Yusuf and Ayra’s work and talked about if that work belonged to them or if it belonged to anyone who had a copy. As Ayra had worked so hard on her picture, it means that it belongs to her only and if you wanted a copy then you would need to ask.

The class watched a video about two characters that were disagreeing about who owned a picture, both felt they had created the picture on the computer. The children came up with ideas to help them solve this problem. First the children talked about having a name on the image. When no name could be found, the characters looked at other ways to prove who owned the work. They came up with looking at a folder on the computer to see whose folder it was in.

Like the character in the video, the children all save their work in a folder with their name on.

Marvellous Music

This week Bluebirds have been having music in the afternoon. Today, the children listen to a song by Toots and the Maytal’s called 54-46 (That’s My Number). The class all seemed to really enjoy the music and, as they listened carefully, they could name the instruments.

We have also been playing the xylophones along to the song, by the very famous Bob Marley, Three Little Birds.


Making Periscopes

Year 3 were making periscopes today in Science. They were learning about how light bounces from objects, especially with mirrors. They learnt that to make a periscope you must have two mirrors opposite each other at an angle of 45 degrees.
Here is a link to help you make your own periscope at home:

Using Swiggle and Safe Search

During Computing, Bluebirds have started research their history topic Ancient Egypt using Swiggle or Kids Safe Search. Bluebirds used both search engines for research on Ancient Egypt.

First, they wrote a question they wanted an answer too, such as – Who was the first Pharoah?  After they typed in the question, they found the answer from one of the many websites.

They then thought about another question they wanted answers to on their topic and looked them up, in a safe online environment.

Here are some ideas the children could use at home, ​Mummies,  Afterlife, Pharaohs, Daily Life, Food/Drink, School and Education. How many answers can they find? – Child Friendly Search Engine for Kids


Bluebirds talked about their families today and shared who they lived with.  They discovered there were lots of different variations. Some people live with their grandparents whilst others live with one parent. Some children have siblings whilst others are an only child. Some children have step parents and step siblings. Sometimes families can have two dads or two mums and sometimes children can be fostered or adopted.
The class watched a short film of This Is Our House by Michael Rosen and Mrs Parry read two books called The Family Book and The Great Big Book of Families.