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Alternative Endings

Bluebirds enjoyed hearing the beginning of Tom Thumb this morning. Mrs Parry explained that as a class, they were going to write an alternative ending, before hearing the real one.   There was lots of talking and sharing of possible endings for the tale.   It took a lof thinking to ensure the ending linked to the beginning! Reva said the story reminded her of Thumbelina which a few other girls had read.  After lots of discussion we all decided that Tom should meet Thumbelina on he way home back from the castle to see his parents at home.  You’ll have to wait and see how the story ends…….watch this space!
In ERIC Mrs Parry suggested the children should hunt out Mrs Pepperpot stories in the library if they liked hearing Tom’s adventures and scrapes as she can sometimes get in quite a pickle! Mrs Parry used to read these books when she was a girl – highly recommended! Guess how big Mrs Pepperpot is?!

Feeling Good About Ourselves

Mrs Parry asked children to conduct a “Good To Be Me Interview” in Talk Partners about what things they had done over the last few weeks that they were proud of.
Declan – Mastered a wheelie on his bike.
Aizah – Did great peer mediating in the playground.
Elias – Won third place in a tag team competition.
Reva – Got a gold card today.
Jacob – Built a lego ship.
Bethany – Got a certificate and trophy for dancing.
Isla – Got a gymnastic badge.
Yusif – Won a cup at football.
Shriya – Got enrolled as a Brownie this week.
Anren – Read a chunky book.
Ryan – Completed a workbook at home and got all the answers correct.
Mrs Parry showed the class two photos of someone looking disappointed and hopeful.  The children thought of other words to describe how the people felt (ashamed,  a failure, jealous, miserable, frustrated, happy and excited).
Next the children heard a story about a boy called Joe.  It was his birthday and he was hoping his Dad would visit as he hadn’t seen him for 2 years.  His Dad didn’t visit so Joe was disappointed.  The class discussed all his different emotions. Alex Rogers suggested Joe hadn’t spoke to his Mum about his hopes and disappointment as her Mum and Dad might not get on any more or that Mum misses Dad too and he didn’t wish to upset her.   Yusuf said maybe his Mum needs him as he cheers his Mum up. Elias wondered a the mum hadn’t got much money and have saved up to buy him his football kit, he didn’t want to look ungrateful or feel like she’d wasted her money as he was still feeling disappointed on his birthday.

Breaking News!

In English we have been trying out some more Drama and have been learning how to be News Reporters. We took the story The Lost Happy Endings by Carol Ann Duffy and Jane Ray and used it to create a news report. This will now help them to write their own newspaper report.

The Cenet – Egyptian Game

Bluebirds enjoyed playing Cenet which is an ​ancient Egyptian board game. This is a simple and fun game for all the family to play and as you can see the children really enjoyed playing it.

If you would like to have a go at home, just click on the PDF: EgyptianSenetGame and download then print off the game board. You need very little in resources, just some counters/buttons and a few lollypop sticks.




Today in French Bluebirds were learning the words for different colours.

Anren: Today we learnt ‘ les couleurs’ which is colours in French. We also learnt about a few countries in Europe.

Exploring Egypt

What an exciting morning bluebirds had on Monday! The History Man came into school and shared all his knowledge about Egypt and the Egyptian way life.
They learned all about the day-to day life in ancient Egypt, why the Nile was so important and why they used mummification for their rich dead and why the poor did not.
After break, the child got chance to be hands on with all the wonderful resources. they got make their own Scarab Beetle, dress up as Pharaohs, experiment with the ritual of mummification and played games. They had such a wonderful time!
Tatenda: I found the history man funny and I learnt how to play Egyptian games.
Declan: I learned that Egypt is in the top part of Africa. I also made my own canopic jar and a scarab beetle.


Sun Protection

Bluebirds today looked at how the sun can harm our skin and eyes. They carried out an experiment showing how different factor sunscreen can help to protect their skin. They used ultraviolet light sensitive beads and an ultraviolet light source.

First, they took 4 beads and three dishes of different sun factors; 15, 30, 50. Then they coated three of the beads in each of the different factors with the last bead left with nothing. Next, they placed the beads under the ultraviolet light and observed how the bead reacted. ​Finally, they recorded their observations.

​Today’s experiment was very fun because we learned that wearing sun cream is important – Elias

I thought it was exciting because some beads changed fast showing the higher the factor the better the protection – Ryan

Fair and Just

This afternoon, Bluebirds heard the Old Testament story of two brothers called Esau & Jacob. They discussed all the elements that were unfair in this Bible story.

Tatenda – You should not trick your own family.
Shriya – You should always be fair.
Declan – It’s not fair that the oldest child got everything.
Yusuf – You should never trick people.
Elias – Isaac (the dad) only loved Esau – that’s not very fair!
Angel – The mum having a favourite child is wrong!
Corban – They were wrong to deceive the blind dad.
Ryan – There shouldn’t be a favourite child.
Olivia – You should just be yourself and not try to be someone else.
Musa – They should be happy they had parents because that is good.