This week in our English live lessons, the Bluebirds in year 3 have been looking at poems.

We have been reading call and response poems. We looked at how many speakers were in the poems and discussed who the speakers might be and what gave us that impression. We thought that in Dinner Time Rhyme that speaker one might be the school cook, as they would need to know what children like to eat. And we thought that speaker two might be the teacher, as they would know what children in the class like to eat for lunch.

We wrote some ideas down for our own Dinner Time Rhyme.

We read I’ve got a Ball of Pastry by Julia Donaldson – you can also watch Julia singing the poem here. We loved it!

Today, using one of the poems we read earlier in the week, we converted the lines from the poem into speech remembering to use inverted commas.

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