Our new book ‘The Lost Happy Endings’

This morning in English, the Bluebirds in year 3 we started reading a new book – The Lost Happy Endings.

First, read a section of the book together, then we looked in the book to find adjectives.
Millie said damp
Daisy B said darkening
Eason said huge
Hollie said old
Imogen found the synonym for old and said ancient
George said tallest

Next, we looked for nouns.
Miss Hooks said Jub, the main character
Imogen said tree
Harvey said forest
Holly said branch
Raman said twigs
Maarya said fireworks

After that, we looked for verbs.
Andrew said carry and shake
Dora said fluttered
Maya said ironed, cooked and shopped
Harvey said sleep
Alexie said drifted
Naz said climbed

Miss Hooks wrote all the words down and put them on the window so that we can use them when we are writing.

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