This afternoon in our guided reading lesson, we were talking about inference. We had to infer how people were feeling and thinking about what could have caused that emotion. Some Bluebirds came to the front and mimed a feeling, as a group, we discussed how they were feeling and why.

Max showed us the feeling confused… we thought he could be confused because he doesn’t understand the work he was asked to do.

We then looked at pictures on the board, we discussed with our talk partner, what the person in the picture was doing, how the person in the picture was feeling and answered a why question about the picture. Then we also discussed the possible cause and effect of what was happening in the picture.

Andrew said the boy was feeling sad as he’s fallen off his bike. A dip in the road or his first time riding without stabilisers has caused him to fall off his bike and the effect was that he has hurt his knee.

Then we had two pictures with inference questions to answer, our questions also included a cause and effect question.

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