The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine

The Bluebirds in year 3 started a new class reader this week. We are now reading The Diary of a Killer Cat.

On Monday, we used the first day’s diary entry to explore the idea of sarcasm, as the main character, the cat, is quite sarcastic in the book and it can be funny. We decided that sometimes sarcasm can be funny, but sometimes it can come across at rude.


On Tuesday, we looked at past and present tense. Miss Hookes also introduced simple past and present perfect tenses. The simple past tells us something that has started and finished in the past and included the past tense form of the verb. The present perfect tells us something has started in the past, whether the action has finished or not and it still affects the present in some way. The present perfect tense uses have or has and a past participle verb that usually ends in -ed and -en. However, some past participle verbs are irregular, like flown.


We wrote sentences in the present perfect tense about the two diary entries we’ve read from our class reader so far.

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