Anti-Bullying week

Who are the people in school who can help us to reduce and respond to bullying? 
Yusuf – Teachers or Miss Williams
Olivia – Teaching Asssistants
Shriya – Peer Mediators
Karly – Mrs Butterworth the Head and Mr Parry who helps with IT (online bullying)
Ryan – Use Peacemakers
Elias – A trust adult
Aizah – Dinner ladies
Lexi – Friends
Jacob – my class teacher
Reva – class mates
Corban – Mrs Johnson
Ayra – Children in other year groups
Declan – Another year group’s teacher
Isla – Mr Gill the P.E. teacher
Maya – Miss Hackett
We noticed that EVERYBODY can help to reduce and respond to bullying at Bells Farm!
We made anti-bullying posters linked to this year’s theme of One Kind Word.

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