Anti-Bullying Week

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week this year is: One Kind Word. Bluebirds looked at what effect kind words have on us. Throughout the week they children looked at how they felt when someone said One Kind Word.
The children came with acts of kindness they could not only do this week but throughout the year.
Declan – Share equipment
Isla – Look out for people looking unhappy
Corban – Use compliments
Alexander H – Make breakfast for my mum
Aizah – Homemade presents
James – Play with someone new
Anren – Sing a song to someone
Jack – Do a chore at home
Reva – Look out for those who are alone
Here are the feelings the children felt when another person said a kind word to them.
Olivia – Thankful and pleased
Alexander R – Happy
Mrs. Parry – Loved and wanted
Jacob – Surprised
Tatenda – Appreciated and special
Sam – Brightens my day
James – It makes the day good
Lexi Mai – Joyful
Alexander S – Jolly
Ayra – Cheers me up

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