Expressing Ourselves

Today, Bluebirds acted out the story of the Lion, Mouse, Fox and Human. After the drama they talked about different type of characteristic and how each one behaved. They learned there was basically three ways of approaching a difficult situation, argument or conflict. Some people would be aggressive, others passive and some assertive.  The children learned what each word meant.
Aggressive: sounding angry, trying to win or get your own way by force or because you are bigger or stronger, without thinking of the other person.
Passive: giving in or running away from the situation so that the person left gets their way or wins, because they don’t want to say anything.
Assertive: trying to come up with a solution or result that everyone feels OK about.
Bluebirds split up into small groups and acted out each one of the ​characteristics. They looked at which kind of person was best to solve any problems they may have or face in the​ playground. They then decided that the best characteristic was assertive, as they could think of other ways to reach a solution.

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