Empathy Day

Bluebirds have been learning about the meaning of empathy and how it affects others and themselves.
Mrs Parry read the story My Beautiful Voice by Joseph Coelho and Allison Colpoys. The story tells of a boy that has not found the confidence to use his voice in front of other people. The book follows his journey from shy child to realising he has a beautiful a beautiful voice.
Olivia: The new teacher knew how he felt and that he had his voice in him. This means the teacher had empathy.
Ayra: I learned that he wouldn’t talk because he was to shy and the new teacher had a book about quiet Heros and unheard songs. This made him have an idea in his head. She had empathy and knew how he felt and felt the same.
James: In My Beautiful Voice the teacher felt what the child felt, she helped him face his fears. Empathy is when you feel what other people are feeling. When a child hurt his leg yesterday, I knew how he felt as that had happened to me when I fell off my bike. I hurt my leg. It’s like when you’re sad, scared, worried or also when you’re happy.  Others can feel and understand how you feel.  That’s empathy.
Excellent understanding Bluebirds!

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