Chemical change

Today, Bluebirds discussed how a chemical change occurs (either by giving off heat, colour or a smell and changing shape or size. The children experienced a chemical change when they conducted an experiment. They filled a plate with full fat milk and added drops of food colouring. Next they placed a cocktail stick, dipped in detergent, vertically into the mixture.

What happened?
Evie – It looks like it’s changing back to just milk.
Brooke Ba – it’s like the milk and colours doesn’t like the washing up liquid and is moving away from it.
Harry – One liquid is stronger than the other.
Poppy – it’s because they a different liquids.
Amber – The detergent thinks the colours are dirt and is separating them.

Why did this happen?

The children loved the “magic milk” experiment. Here are some photos of them conducting the experiment:

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