Video: “Who Let the Dogs Out?!”

This morning, PC Bennett visited Year 3 with his two police dogs, called H and Olaf. To begin with, he asked the children how they could identify whether someone was a police officer. Afterwards, he showed the class his bullet proof vest including equipment such as a walkie talkie, a torch, a baton and CS gas spray. Some children were lucky enough to try on police head gear!

PC Bennett explained how his dogs were specially trained and shared what the dogs are able to do to help him do his job. First of all, the children were introduced to Olaf, who is a two year old German Shepherd. Besides catching suspects, Olaf can help P.C. Bennett to find missing people. Olaf demonstrated finding some hidden items around the playground. Next, the children met H who is an eight year old Springer Spaniel. He was very excited and demonstrated sniffing out an empty container that once had a bullet inside. He also helps P.C. Bennett to catch people who have naughty drugs.

Finally, all the children got to sit inside the police car and were thrilled to hear the loud siren and see the blue lights flashing across the playground! The children really enjoyed meeting PC Bennett and promised to wave at him if they see him out and about around the local area.

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