Super Spelling

Bluebirds have been taking a closer look at their new list of spelling words now they are in Lower Key Stage Two.

This morning, we used some of these words to practise our neat, joined handwriting. Later on in the day, we read through the list and Mrs Parry clarified how to pronounce any new words and demonstrated using a dictionary to check the meaning of unknown words. For example, the word “reign” caused some confusion, particularly when we realised it was a homophone! We knew what “rain” was and we had also heard of reins used with horses, toddlers and Santa’s reindeer! Moharnab and Taya knew this “reign” was something to do with the Queen! Well done!

In partners, we practised testing each other on the spellings in the style of the Bells Farm Spelling Bee. Then we played a spelling chain game with the words, where each table had to spell a word, with each child saying a letter each. We had to concentrate and persevere, listening carefully to ensure we knew which was our letter. Eventually, the tables raced to see which group could spell the word fastest and correctly! We had a lot of fun. Mrs Parry asked the children where they could find these words around the classroom. The children discovered the words in five different places! They are randomly displayed as a brick wall by Mrs Parry’s desk, on an alphabetical list on our working wall, on word mats in our English boxes, in our individual dictionaries and also attached on small cards to our English books! We talked about pride in wanting our work to be the best that it can be by being both neat and spelt correctly.

We have been revising the rules about adding the suffixes “ing” and “ed” to verbs over the last two weeks. During Guided Reading, English and whilst reading our story at the end of the day, we have been looking out for these type pf words including the irregular ones. Some observant children noticed we had seen the word “crept” in three different lessons today!

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