Sarehole Mill – Studying the Stone Age!

Today, Bluebirds enjoyed an exciting trip to Sarehole Mill to learn more about the Stone Age.

To begin with, the children learned what types of food the Stone Age people ate and why they had to move around and stay in their family groups. Next they played a hunters and gatherers game on the field! After that, children created shelters using critical thinking, perserverance and team work! They learned that the animal skins were made waterproof by using wee! Interestingly, the children saw and held some real artefacts including a spear head, a hand axe and a scraper tool. The children had to handle these with care as the items were so old.

Afterwards, there was a short walk to Moseley Bog to examine a “burnt mound” where Bronze Age people had once lived. Archaeologists discovered lots of information about prehistoric life. Bluebirds played a tree identification game (to identify the pollen found in the mound) and also matched beetles to work out what people had eaten. They also discovered steam (from heated stones and water), was used to clean the skin. The dirt would rise to the skin surface which could then be scraped off. This was the first time a steam room was thought of!
Finally, the children heard about the Bronze Age and Iron Age and examined some Bronze Age tools.

The children really enjoyed their outdoor trip and were lucky with the sunshine too!

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