The Rainbow Dragon – Talk for writing story maps

Today, Bluebirds were shown a picture of a Rainbow Dragon which they were eager to find out about! Together, the class were able to think of the five W words needed to start a question with. In talk partners they thought of questions to pose about this amazing creature.

What food does it eat?
Who Is he friends with?
When does he sleep?
Where does he live?
Why does he have horns?

Afterwards, the class were given a non-chronological report to read which was all about this dragon. They found the answers to lots of their questions and decided they could use some of these questions for subheadings in their report.

Next, the children all made their own story map for the report and practising orally reciting the poem to different partners. Bravely, Esmay and Taya recited theirs to the whole class.

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