Taking responsibility

What would it be like if no one cared for us or the world?
Mrs Parry asked Bluebirds to consider and talk about these questions together:

What do you do for others?
Esmay – I help cook
Ryan – I make the sandwiches
Jani – I tidy up for my Mum
Scarlette – I feed our snake
Oliver – I help Nanny with the cleaning

What do you do for the environment?
Kerris – School councillors help to keep playground litter free
Moharnab – Throw rubbish away in a bin
Nathan – We recycle rubbish
Callum – Walk instead of using the car
Taya – Don’t leave the tap running and waste water when you clean your teeth
Amelia – Don’t pollute the sea which kills and damages wildlife
Shona – Close the fridge/freezer when the alarm goes off
Esmay – People should not chop trees down
Oliver – We should turn off lights when we leave the room

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