Spelling Investigation

Today, Bluebirds learnt about indefinite articles and when to use either “a” or “an.”

To start with we recapped on which letters of the alphabet were vowels and sang the chorus of an old 1980s pop song to memorise them! (A.E.I.O.U.). In addition, we found out that we needed to use “an” for words beginning with X such as “an X-ray.” As is often the case in English language, we discovered there were exceptions to the rule! We discovered words beginning a silent “h” also needed “an”. In a piece of writing, we found some words (unit and uniform) that needed an “a” rather than using “an”. Listening to the phoneme carefully, we realised that if the “u” is a long vowel sound, only “a” is required. That led us on to a spelling investigation to see if we could find any other words. We used a dictionary to help us.

Here are the list the class made:

Unicorn, university, unicycle, unanimous, unique, universe and Union Jack!

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