Caring for Pets

Bluebirds heard a verse from Genesis (Ch 1 – verse 28) where humans were given the responsibility to rule over the animals. In the original language it is clear that the ruling is meant to be “caring for and looking after.”

The class used their knowledge of caring for the pets they have at home and completed a list of things to consider when owning a pet. Here is their list of requirements for a happy and healthy pet dog:

  • Exercise to keep them fit and healthy
  • Food/water
  • Somewhere comfortable to sleep
  • Regular check ups and inoculations at the vets
  • Grooming, brushing, washing, teeth cleaning and nail cutting
  • Training (using treats)
  • Toys to keep them entertained so they do not get bored
  • Give them lots of love attention and fuss
  • They may need to stay at the kennels or with a family/friend if you go on holiday
  • After all their recent work in English recently, Bluebirds decided to write a set of instructions about how to care for a pet of their choice.

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