Black History Month – Nelson Mandela

Bluebirds have been busy learning all about Nelson Mandela today and finding out why he is so significant in history.

Frankie – He retired in 1999
Jacinta – Nelson was in prison for 27 years.
Millie – it wasn’t fair for people to be separated because of their skin colour.
Blessed – He stood up to the government and was sent to prison.
Ryan – He died on 5th Dec 2013 with a lung illness.
Amaya – I think it’s good he stood up for black people else this could still be happening in the world now.
Havana – He went to university to be a lawyer.
Dylan – It was brilliant because it was really unfair for black people.
Lexi – I think it’s rally unfair he went to prison because when was just standing up for the rights of black people.

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