Day and Night

Bluebirds have been learning about how the earth moves to find out what causes day and night time. They remembered the Equator was the hottest part of Earth from their Year 2 lessons!

Amaya – The Earth orbits the sun.
Ryan – It takes 24 hours for Earth to make one full turn.
Ava – The side of the earth facing the sun has daytime. The opposite side is dark so it is their night time.

The children set up an experiment to investigate which country was in darkness (having night time), whilst another was experiencing day time. The children led the experiment by selecting countries they wanted to find out more about. Some chose countries they had visited on holiday whilst others selected countries they would like to visit!

Some children linked this with knowledge they have gained through our Guided Reading sessions. Everyone is currently reading non-fiction books covering light, night and day, the seasons and life in space. Well done Bluebirds!

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